01. The Grand Opening | 02. Swan | 03. Secreto en Fragopolis | 04. This Moment | 05. My Guidance Home | 06. Before Our Lives | 07. The Independent Dreamland | 08. Demon | 09. Betrayed Love | 10. Desert Ruins | 11. Secreto en Fragopolis (radio edit)

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Slovakian prog-melodic metal group Etterna present their debut album Chaotic consisting of 11 songs written and recorded over 1 and half years. Each time that 2 or 3 songs were written, the band traveled to record them (in Martin Barla’s studio in Poprad, Slovakia). During this period, video concepts were discussed and eventually created with each released song telling its own unique video story matching the variations of sounds. Now Etterna is ready to present Chaotic in all of it’s 48 minute glory.

The first track is essentially an intro, however it definitely foreshadows and informs the the opening song Swan. The guitarist Adam (the most recent member to join the band) wrote the 2 songs together with the singer Ady; Betrayed Love and Desert Ruins. Even an idea from the drummer Tomas wasn’t left unused and with the help of Ady the song This Moment was introduced as well. There are two versions of the hometown-song Secreto en Fragopolis, written by Feral. The band focuses on strong rhythms and melodies whilst pushing their musical boundaries and taking their sound progressively further. Due to the different influences of the band members, it wasn’t hard for the members to combine their ideas and create Etterna’sown music style.

All the texts were written separately but intriguingly, later on, when the album was finished, it turned out that there was a remote connection between the words so listeners should take their time and dive deep into the chaotic first child of Etterna.

Chaotic | Released October 30th, 2018 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. The Grand Opening | 02. Swan | 03. Secreto en Fragopolis | 04. This Moment | 05. My Guidance Home | 06. Before Our Lives | 07. The Independent Dreamland | 08. Demon | 09. Betrayed Love | 10. Desert Ruins | 11. Secreto en Fragopolis (radio edit)

Etterna are:
Ady Hnat – Vocals | Adam Maňko – Lead Guitar | Feral Inferis – Rhythm Guitar | Martin Fides – Bass | Tomáš Višňovský – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick








    Overall it is a great album, again I say the ‘prog’ label is a little off the mark at times as ETTERNA at heart is a straightforward metal-band, nonetheless a highly enjoyable and interesting offering for the listener …read more


    Chaotic is a melodic metal album with progressive-minded ideas, sure to spark the imaginations of many who like versatility in their bands …read more

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