01. Intro | 02. Damned Pilots | 03. The Season of the Endings | 04. Desert Europa | 05. Just Another Day | 06. Gorguss | 07. Hell Is Cold | 08. We Don’t Die | 09. Sylvanic | 10. M.O.S.

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Overgalaxy is a steam punk concept album. As drummer/founder Don Nutz says, “it’s built on the story of four cartoon characters, Don Nutz, Sgt Ote, Willer Hertz and Erik Space …aka The Damned Pilots. They travel through space in the year 2500 A.C. on a 1970’s hippy van customized to fight against their archenemy Gorguss and his evil empire”. The lyrics, written by Sgt Ote, are about love and hate, war and peace, past and future, rebellions against failed systems, all imbued with the sensibilities and humour of classic sci-fi b-movies.

Damned Pilots and Season Of The Endings are two groovy metal pounding numbers dominated by huge solid riffs made to bang your head to. Desert Europa is a deep slow doom-laden song with black metal influences characterized by a soulful raspy metal vocal. Just Another Day and People Don’t Die are both spaced out ballads. Gorguss is a catchy doom pop song with monolithic riffs and memorable cosmic melodies. Hell is Cold is the electric first single from the album written by producer Ron Goudie. Sylvanic is a song about a Bigfoot from another planet, it’s a powerful crossover between classic rock and 90’s metal. Finally, Mos is a pure noise drone written together with Mos DJ.

Damned Pilots are influenced by Kiss, Monster Magnet, Trouble, Beatles, Mayhem, Turbonegro, Voivod, Ghost, Devil’s Blood, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd & ELO.

Overgalaxy | Released December 15th, 2016 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Intro | 02. Damned Pilots | 03. The Season of the Endings | 04. Desert Europa | 05. Just Another Day | 06. Gorguss | 07. Hell Is Cold | 08. We Don’t Die | 09. Sylvanic | 10. M.O.S.

The cd has been recorded at Track Terminal Studio in Trieste, Italy by Francesco Bardy, except ‘Just Another Day’ and ‘People Don’t Die’ which were recorded at Voodoosound Studios in Ijmuiden, Holland by Paul van Rijswijk. Overgalaxy is produced by Ron Goudie (Gwar, Death Angel, Poison) and mixed and mastered by legendary producer Bill Metoyer (W.A.S.P., Trouble, Slayer). The artwork has been made by Philippine graphic designer Uzi Emperado.

Damned Pilots are:
Vocals/Guitar – SGT OTE | Guitar – Willer Hertz | Drums – Don Nutz | Bass – EriK Space

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  1. infraredmag

    I really loved “ Gorguss”, just for the doom and gloom backdrop it had. It packs an insane punch. This album also had the balls to do two ballads, and not pulled them off but they fit in perfectly. Those two songs being, “ Just Another Day” and “ People Don’t Die”. This band could be seen in the vein that Primus was once viewed. I am not saying they are sounding like Primus, I am saying that their music is not confined to one genre. This album is one of the first albums in recent memory that was better as a whole, than parts. Where some albums, you listen to certain songs over and over, this album was beginning to end a great journey. I am not sure where this band has been or where they are going, but I am sure they are going to win over a lot of music fans on the way.

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