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Dark Rites


1. Dark Rites | 2. Faces in the Crowd | 3. Buried Within | 4. Hall of the Slain | 5. Dyatlov | 6. John Frum | 7. Bleeding Kansas | 8. Murder Capitol

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January 23rd 2017, sees the release of Dark Rites debut album Dark Rites released worldwide on Sliptrick Records. A classic mix of hard and heavy to bring in the new year.

The band was established by Randy (USA) and Wojtek (UK) in early 2016 after weeks of planning and overcoming physical obstacles due the members living on different continents. With rehearsals being almost impossible on a regular basis, modern technology lent a hand and saved the day. Oskar (Sweden), previously of Disrupted I, joined Dark Rites shortly afterwards and since then they have worked on the songs featured on the forthcoming album. Much of the work was done in their home recording studio, and not being subjected to time limits or deadlines, allowed the band to hone and perfect each song until they finally reached their desired effect.

All the songs on the album are strongly influenced by the characters within the band, with lyrics inspired by our beliefs, views and fascinations. The group share a strong passion for metal music and take inspiration from many metal sub-genres and many diverse artist. This has given them a fresh view on the composition of the songs and they have not been afraid to mix converging styles to achieve the best possible result. The Dark Rites album is exactly this! A complete combination of Death Metal melodic lines, powerful riffs, Trash Metal tempos, Heavy Metal solos which combined with powerful vocal offer a unique metal experience. As a band, they have never wanted to be restricted to a certain style when it comes to creating music and writing songs and so they have striven to blend different aspects of their influences into an original whole. Some may call it Death Metal or Metal Core and others may call it Alternative Metal, but for Dark Rites it has always been about expressing their passion for Metal music.

Dark Rites Album Track List:
1. Dark Rites | 2. Faces in the Crowd | 3. Buried Within | 4. Hall of the Slain | 5. Dyatlov | 6. John Frum | 7. Bleeding Kansas | 8. Murder Capitol

Produced & mastered by Wojtek Widuch | Mixed by Wojtek Widuch, Randy Kaciak, Oskar Åsfjäll

Dark Rites are:
Oskar Åsfjäll – Vocals, Lyrics | Wojtek Widuch – Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Bass | Randy Kaciak – Drums

Band pages: Facebook | Youtube







  1. crossfire-metal.de

    Die Produktion steht mit beiden Beinen fest in der Gegenwart. Das getriggerte Schlagzeug stört mich hier nicht so sehr wie bei den meisten neuen Veröffentlichungen unserer Zeit. Wer auf Melodic Death Metal neueren Datums steht und auch nicht vor Moderne zurückscheut, der sollte hier mal reinhören …read more

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