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Getting Noticed


01. Elicse Atarme (part 1) | 02. Apeshit! | 03. Lure | 04. Mr Monroe | 05. Amless | 06. Elicse Atarme (part 2) | 07. Who Cares | 08. Shelters | 09. The Witch

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Hard Rock Italian band, Concrete Jellÿ were founded in 2014. They started out as a classic rock cover band but in winter 2015, they announced their own clear vision with the release of the self-produced concept album titled ‘3’. The album is about a fictional, elderly rockstar named Amless. ‘3’ is actually the third chapter of a trilogy of concept albums, of which, Getting Noticed, the second official album of the band, is the first episode. That’s right, Concrete Jellÿ are nothing if not tricky.

The inspiration for the album’s story comes from the many good (and bad) things experienced during the relentless live activity of the band. The sound of the album is the result of the different influences that come from within the band members, ranging from the spaciness of 70’s rock to prog rock and everything good in between.

Getting Noticed was recorded live (also mixed and engineered) by Francesco “Bardy” Bardaro of Track Terminal Studio, at SKD Primorec Theater in Trebiciano (Trieste) and mastered on tape by Alessandro Perosa and Francesco Bardaro. The artwork is by Manuel Scapinello with the layout by Vittorio Maria Serra. The angler-fish depicted on the album cover is a metaphor for today’s music business.

Getting Noticed is released on February 7th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records.

Track Listing & Story Synopsis:
01. Elicse Atarme (part 1) | 02. Apeshit! | 03. Lure | 04. Mr Monroe | 05. Amless | 06. Elicse Atarme (part 2) | 07. Who Cares | 08. Shelters | 09. The Witch

In Getting Noticed a young Amless, who dreams of becoming a celebrity, must deal with the evil witch Elicse Atarme and with the countless temptations of the mainstream scene. Amless is a regular boy with great talent, torn by the endless struggle between ambition and integrity. Everything starts with a dream, in which the boy sells his soul for fame to Elicse Atarme. The witch almost gets Amless to do what she wants, helped by her physical alter ego, the famous producer Mr. Monroe Anglerfisch. In rage, Amless rebels and gains his freedom back again. But the price to pay for breaking of the oath is a life of sacrifice with no assurance of success.

Concrete Jellÿ are:
Sebastiano Belli – Drums | Francesco Braida – Guitar/Voice | Sebastian H. Gerlini – Guitar | Matteo Monai – Bass/Voice

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  1. musicwaves.fr

    Et de fait, au-delà du son globalement pesant et aux réminiscences seventies qui évoquent autant Raging Slab que Masters Of Reality, le groupe se montre très éclectique, oscillant entre stoner, heavy metal et rock seventies, le tout avec un son délicieusement crasseux : rugueux juste ce qu’il faut, légèrement saturé (en voilà un beau son bien sale !). Un délice nous confrontant parfois aussi à l’introduction de petits breaks qui pourraient rappeler Faith No More, comme c’est le cas dans ‘Apeshit !’. Certains vocaux renvoient à ceux de Mike Patton dans la première partie de ‘Who Cares ?’ ou à des titres plus rentre-dedans et véloces comme cela peut être le cas avec ‘Lure’ …read more

  2. doommetalfront.blogspot.com

    The Italian scene is famous for bringing up unorthodox ways of interpreting hard rock history. CONCRETE JELLŸ aren’t only “Getting Noticed” for owning the funniest band name of the month, also for delivering pretty entertaining tunes that can be described best using words like trippy, fuzzy, crazy, heavy, progressive, catchy … This is not the common psychedelic, 70s influenced stoner thing as the dudes obviously are having loads of fun playing extremely pushing music that spreads positive vibes from the start to the end …read more

  3. archaictriad

    Despite the 70’s vibe, there is little of radical experimentation or non-music here. Getting Noticed offers nine quite straight forward rock songs, with only a minimal amount of even such basic things as wah-wah pedal effects or other guitar sound manipulations. There is some meandering going on in a track or two, but usually the tracks get to the point right away. In short: there is not much psychedelic stuff going on here. The stoner sound comes more from the clever melodies and the fuzzy distortion, which means you don’t necessarily have do smoke a lot of the marijuana to enjoy this album. There’s a little bit of blues, a little bit of grunge and a whole lot of rock’n roll.

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