Dead Pulse & The Dead Pulse Group
Dead Pulse is the name given to the umbrella company for various businesses related to the music and entertainments industry. Primarily, Dead Pulse deals with music currently hosted by such independent labels as Sliptrick Records (rock, metal based) and Alternate Records (alternative, indie based). Completing the group, is the fast growing Go Loud Agency which books many large acts and also bands within our labels. Read more about each company below.

Dead Pulse Shop
In the Dead Pulse Shop you’ll find most releases available from the record labels within our group. You can shop by individual label or simply enter the main Dead Pulse Shop portal to find every release available across all the labels.


Sliptrick Records

Sliptrick Records distributes its national and international repertoire to some of the best-known distributors in the recorded music industry, operating through numerous affiliates and licensees in more than 50 countries. Our recorded music business includes our growing artist services business, which offers artist management, merchandising, touring, sponsorships and brand endorsements, in addition to numerous third-party solutions that facilitate the sale of music-based content directly to consumers.

Our primary music publishing business, Sony/Iodalliance, is one of the world’s leading music publishers, with a catalog of more than one million songs from more than 65,000 songwriters, and includes a full service music production library company. Alternate Records provides its services to signed artists as well as artists signed to other labels.


Go Loud Agency

Established in September 2016 in the scenic town of Liepāja (Latvia), GO LOUD AGENCY is a dynamic booking agency offering concert and touring solutions in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Balkans, Czech Republic, UK, Poland, Slovakia and Mexico. Thanks to our forward operating bases located in Latvia, Ukraine, Italy and Sweden, our aim is to provide labels, bands, artists, management and booking companies with the best service possible, whilst doing what we love best: keeping the live music scene alive and kicking.

Bands we’ve worked with: What Awaits Us (FI) | Marianas Rest (FI) | Damnesty (FI) | The Hawkins (SE) | Veonity (SE) | Unlit Face (SE) | Precipitation (DE) | Bad Bones (IT) | The I Don’t Know (IT) | Scum (IT) | Tonight We Stand (IT) | Kill All The Gentlemen (UK) | The Five Hundred (UK)


Alternate Records

Alternate Records aim is to provide consumers with the highest-quality music content available, whilst helping up-and-coming artists jump start their music career, as well as achieve long-term creative and financial success. We want our artists to reach their potential, further their musical careers and make their mark. This is why we focus on up-and-coming bands: we want to plant the seed, watch it grow and harvest the best result possible. We value artist development more than anything else, therefore we want to support our bands every step of the way.

Alternate Records strives to provide the best and most complete 24/7 service possible, as well as grow and improve our services consistently. We want to create a worldwide, bulletproof network while constantly expanding our catalogue, in order to cater to all of our customers’ musical preferences.