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Crimson Dyed Abyss


01. Bloodfield | 02 Dancing With Ghosts | 03 Man With Black Roses | 04 Forever Blind | 05 Leaving All Behind | 06 Fallen Angel | 07 Schizohead | 08 Dreamer Breaking Dawn | 09 Soulcollector | 10 The Healer | 11 Now

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Coming from Croatia, AngelSeed become a new asset of Sliptrick Records. The 6 piece, female fronted band have made their debut with 11 songs and the complete material shows the listener many different influences from the wide spectre of heavy metal sub-genres and a lot of non-metal music elements, such as different folk and classical instruments and vocal choirs. Beautiful female lead vocals are incorporated with an aggressive metal sound which is result of mixing and mastering by one of the best metal producers Jens Bogren (Fascination Studios). Perfect playing and constant change of atmosphere from song to song, will take every listener on a journey from aggressive to sad and melancholic moods through a variety of metal styles such as symphonic metal, power and classic heavy metal, thrash metal, gothic and many others. Some well known guest musicians are also appearing on this album such as Christopher Amott (Armageddon, ex-Arch Enemy) and Mikkel Sandager Pedersen (One Machine, ex-Mercenary).

Crimson Dyed Abyss | Released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on November 29th, 2015

Track Listing:
01. Bloodfield | 02 Dancing With Ghosts | 03 Man With Black Roses | 04 Forever Blind | 05 Leaving All Behind | 06 Fallen Angel | 07 Schizohead | 08 Dreamer Breaking Dawn | 09 Soulcollector | 10 The Healer | 11 Now

AngelSeed are:
Ivana Anić – Lara – Vocals | Damir Marijan – Guitar | Juraj Birin – Guitar | Jurica Baljak – Drums | Siniša Antunović – Bass | Jurica Bažant – keyboards

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube







  1. justinhulford.tumblr.com

    As the album continues there are strengths everywhere. The musical platform is very strong and the vocals combine male parts with a solid female voice that is full of melody and plenty of strength. The tracks really power along, embracing elements of power metal along side symphonic , keeping plenty of harmonies to the fore …read more

  2. lordsofmetal.nl

    Six professional musicians, an entire battery of guests, eleven incredibly strong compositions crossing every line between genres. That is the recipe for the debut album ‘Crimson Dyed Abyss’ by the Croatian Angel Seed. And darn, what an album …read more

  3. devilsgatemedia.com

    If that much time was needed to cook up an album of this magnitude then all is forgiven. Opening track ‘Bloodfield’ gives the listener an indication of exactly what Angelseed are about, from its haunting intro to its reverie-bursting power metal guitar and drums – not to mention some of the most glorious harmonies ever recorded. It is, quite simply, stunning. The unusual vocals are incredible. Not merely a classically trained female vocalist, but also male vocals which give it a serious kick up the butt, as well as the aforementioned harmonising. These all create a style that’s even more densely layered and entrancing than standard symphonic/power metal …read more

  4. battlehelm.com

    It might not be the greatest metal scene in the world but the Balkan (if it is okay to bunk them all together) metal scene is slowly getting the attention it deserves. It’s been a long time coming but now even that part of Europe is starting to make some noise too. You might have read the interview and watched the video but here is the whole album filled with the same kind of extreme metal. I loved the song I posted with the interview and I love this whole album. Perhaps one of the coolest albums I’ve heard so far in 2016. This is both catchy as well as extreme …read more

  5. ladyobscure.com

    All in all, the album is strong and shows what promise AngelSeed has. On its Facebook page, the band notes that they are fans of others such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sonata Arctica and Delain. And you can certainly hear those influences in their music. But they bring enough of their own style and melodies to provide something a little different too – not immediately obvious but it reveals itself when you explore the album more closely …read more

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