01. Same Mistake | 02. Cage Inside Us | 03. First Insight | 04. The Desire | 05. The Change | 06. The Love Of A Mother For Her Sons | 07. Distant Landscape

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In this world full of noise are we still able to hear ourselves? The Distant Landscape project is the brainchild of Marco Spiridigliozzi, to express, with total honesty, feelings that until now, were hidden. Insights, the first album from the band, is a sequence of self-analysis, a continuous introspection made from melodies and words, passing from dark, hopeful, melancholic and dreamy atmospheres to bright moments that still have a thin line of nostalgia.

Distant Landscape have created a post-rock metal characterized by themes in continuous evolution, but also by radical atmosphere changes that are often present in the same song. Unlike the other works released by Marco Spiridigliozzi (with different bands), this album is the result of careful, stylistic and musical research.

Every riff, theme, atmosphere and melody has been chosen to track a real emotional landscapes. Insights is an intimate album. It was started as a private work, but as time went by, it took a particular shape and the artist decided to publish it. In all the songs, guitars dominate with a wide range of sounds, while for the voices are given a modern and clean conception. Finally, to enrich the work, Insights utilizes the voice of Francesca Giuditta, a member of the dreaming gothic doom metal band Raving Season.

Insights | Released worldwide via Sliptrick/Alternate Records on May 23rd

Track Listing:
01. Same Mistake | 02. Cage Inside Us | 03. First Insight | 04. The Desire | 05. The Change | 06. The Love Of A Mother For Her Sons | 07. Distant Landscape

All tracks written, composed and performed by Marco Spiridigliozzi, except for the drum parts, edited by Andrea Biondi. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Federico Colantoni at Side Recording Studio in Rome.

Distant Landscape are:
Marco Spiridigliozzi – Vocals/Guitar | Francesca Giuditta – Vocals/Keyboard | Alessio Rossetti – Backing Vocals/Guitar | Andrea Biondi – Drums | Fabio Crognale – Bass

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  1. permafrost.today

    De tre viktigste inspirasjonskildene til Distant Landscape er for øvrig Alcest, Katatonia, og Anathema. Viktigst er likevel at italienerne lager musikk som skiller seg noe ut i vrimmelen av band som tilsynelatende alt for ofte låter kliss like …read more

  2. necromance.eu

    Un disco realmente indispensable para cualquier amante de bandas como AMESOEURS, LES DISCRETS, ALCEST, KATATONIA o GREY WATERS. Sin llegar a ser Shoegaze, pero llegando a extremos que el Post nunca se hubiera imaginado; DISTANT LANDSCAPE son sin duda una banda que dará mucho que hablar en el futur …read more

  3. franconiametallum.de

    DISTANT LANDSCAPE die mit ungewöhnlicher Musik, im Atmospheric Rock-Bereich anzusiedeln sind, gehören zu den außergewöhnlichen und einzigartigen Bands. Das Quintett zeigt auf “Insights” sieben zeitlos schöne Songs. Der Fokus der Platte (und des Hörers) liegt ganz klar auf der atemberaubenden Stimme von Marco Spiridigliozzi. Diese offenbart nach mehreren Durchläufen ihre Schönheit. Ich persönlich habe zwar in dieser Musikrichtung nicht sonderlich viele Vergleichsmöglichkeiten, aber ich kenne keinen Sänger, die seine Stimme derart variabel einsetzt. Verträumt, gefühlsvoll und verzweifelt kämpft er gegen die monolithischen Gitarrenwände und die pfundig produzierten Drums an. Die Stimme ist hier vollwertiges Instrument und übernimmt fast vollends die Melodieführung, teilweise ungewöhnlich und gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber immer zielgerichtet und atemberaubend …read more

  4. Bloodrockmedia.com

    Insights is smooth and melodic rock at its finest; appealing to fans with a softer side and appreciate the beauty of not only rock n’ roll but music in general. This is not an album that is going to appeal to die-hard fans of heavier music; Insights is too subtle and pretty (yes, pretty) to appreciate when your existence depends on headbanging. This Roman quintet is talented, and it shows in the mastery of their instruments and the way they weave and intertwine their vocals. So if you are in the mood for some wine tasting appropriate rock music, Insights is an album you should consider …read more

  5. Justin Hulford

    This already has keeper written all over it. I’m reminded, in general attitude rather than direct comparison, of Solstafir, as this is clearly a band that is happy to take time to build a track, then strip it down again before building once more. Here they do it over and over across the seven songs.

    All of the songs sprawl, in a good way, but also have their punchy moments. When they do get on with some rocking the arrangements are imaginative and the end result very cool indeed. They even have time to bring in some female vocals that really add to the moods on show …read more

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