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Bury The Kingdom


01. War | 02. Force Fed | 03. The Unveiling | 04. Bury The Kingdom

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Bury The Kingdom attacks each toxic entity with stinging lyrics, delivered aggressively (courtesy of Vox), that are straight from the heart. The message is the most important ingredient to the band but the tracks are accompanied by unrelenting rhythms that move the messages forward and will have you banging your head!

In War, the song takes aim at the judicial systems. Too many corrupt judges, shady police officers, bribes and all-out deceit have taken over our system of checks and balances. Unfortunately there is a history of putting innocent people in prison all over the world so this song goes out to all of them. The message is clear and direct. They’ll bring the war straight to your face and they’ll never give up!

The Catholic Church gets the Bury The Kingdom treatment in The Unveiling. This song addresses the lies told by the church and the damage caused by literally hundreds of years of abuse. “That establishment has scarred more lives over its existence than probably any other known to man.”

Force Fed touches on the pharmaceutical companies that knowingly, and with no regard for human lives, allowed entire nations to become dependent on their drugs. Creating scores of drug addicts and deaths in their wake.

The group explain that; “Change needs to take place in multiple ways. It is time to stop turning away from the blatant greed and corruption that has made itself at home all over our planet. The masses have been lied to and manipulated by their governments, by different religions, by corporations and even from the very legal systems installed to protect the average law abiding citizen. The very same laws that were supposed to keep corruption in check have been desecrated.”

Bury The Kingdom stand for those that can not stand. They are a voice for the ones that have been shamed into silence. They are the self proclaimed fist that will strike out for those that have had their hands bound by oppression. Bury The Kingdom stand as a voice for the people. The old ways are done. It is time to bury their ideals and their ways. It is time to Bury The Kingdom!

Track listing:
01. War | 02. Force Fed | 03. The Unveiling | 04. Bury The Kingdom

Bury The Kingdom | Released June 7th, 2022 on Sliptrick Records

Bury The Kingdom are:
Vox – Vocals | Skin – Drums | Grind – Guitar | Shred – Guitar | Low – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







  1. metal-temple.com

    BURY THE KINGDOM have filled in all the little spaces left by the riff with crisp and forbidding sounds that allow the extremities to breath just a little, and just enough to keep it from falling into a homogenous effort. Though only four tracks in length, they came to play, and mean business …read more

  2. odymetal

    A EP that clearly displays the color by being well massive. It anchors itself in your mind, without being brutal but nevertheless remains formidable. Interspersed with lighter notes, the eponymous title «Bury the Kingdom» sums up the style of the band …read more

  3. ever-metal.com

    Talk about putting your best foot forward, this is four tracks of seething anger with a fine production job and a really nasty sound that still has you humming along. Lads I need an album ASAP, after such an exquisite starter, I’m ready to smash my plate over my head when the main course arrives …read more

  4. metalnoise.net

    There is nothing raw about this, these are clearly experienced musicians who have executed their vision with pinpoint accuracy and invested time and energy into getting this chapter nailed; the song from which the band take their name being the icing on the cake …read more

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