01. Ode To The Mighty Sun | 02. New Frontier | 03. Haunted | 04. 325 A.D. | 05. White Lines | 06. Omnia Sunt Communia | 07. Inland View | 08. Desperate Hopes | 09. New Dawn's Eve | 10. Blues On The Verge Of Apocalypse

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Tytus are a zesty, merry Italian bunch of Heavy Metal musicians that do things in their own unique way. They formed in 2014 and released a 2-track 7″ in 2015. After more than one and a half years of touring across Europe and recording, they finally released their debut full-length, Rises, in October 2016.

This album is diversified and versatile, which is far from being generic straightforward Heavy Metal. The songs don’t follow a certain pattern or formula, and they stand out as distinct pieces. They blend what appears to be dynamic songwriting that sometimes reminds me of Virgin Steele with the quirky and entertaining touch of Slough Feg. The vocals are slightly snarly and gritty, which is just right, accompanied with ample attitude. After a mandatory intro that neither adds nor spends, New Frontier, fires the opening shot. An effective riff and smart hooks are at work here and they interact throughout the track. The guitar solo is excellent and has a certain bluesy feel to it reminiscent of late 1960’s Acid Rock. Next in line is Haunted, a rhythmic NWOBHM-ish track which is more straightforward than its former. The band sounds alert and appears to have well-calculated course of flight. The tempo is slightly slowed in 325 A.D., which starts with atmospheric keys that soon transform into a hypnotizing guitar riff, with a complementing big and epic chorus. I find the overall sound excellent and the mix is pretty balanced, although the bass is not audible enough for my liking.

White Lines has a certain retro vibe that sounds as if taken straight from Hawk’s mid-1980’s S/T – slightly whining guitars, hinted glam overtones and engaging shredding solos. The beginning of Omnia Sunt Communia made me think of Iron Maiden’s “Futureal” but it continues rather differently. Many influences are apparent here but none feel like attempts to copy – there is simply a bunch of good musicians who did their homework, but they also have their own taste and wills and a well-defined direction. Nothing compliments artists more than a signature sound that identifies them, and Tytus undoubtedly achieves just that. All their skills come to fruition in Inland View – strong riffs, magnetizing hooks, interesting interludes and changes of pace and impressive guitar solos. This is the most “complete” and epic song in this album and my personal favorite. The structure of Desperate Hopes follows the tradition of 1980’s pioneering Power Metal works with a sweeping galloping riff throughout, and even more sweeping solo in the faster final section. New Dawn’s Eve begins with spoken word that transform into energetic and heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll. The final track is an acoustic piece, which, although not really belongs stylistically on this album, is soothing and enjoyable in itself. To me, there is an undeniable David Gilmour influence and it’s something that could be easily expected from Pink Floyd.

So, this is Tytus – they are talented and know how to showcase their skills tastefully without making it sound like forced patchwork. They aim directly at my personal taste in Heavy Metal – high performance and highly dynamic songwriting that is easy to identify with and is not too progressive to disperse my interest. This album is highly recommended to all Heavy Metal fans out there.
by Ofer Mashiach for metal-temple.com

Rises | Released October 5th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Ode To The Mighty Sun | 02. New Frontier | 03. Haunted | 04. 325 A.D. | 05. White Lines | 06. Omnia Sunt Communia | 07. Inland View | 08. Desperate Hopes | 09. New Dawn’s Eve | 10. Blues On The Verge Of Apocalypse

Tytus are:
Mark Simon Hell – Guitars | Ilija Riffmeister – Vocals, Guitars | Markey Moon – Vocals, Bass | Bardy – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube







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    NWOBHM sulla carta, triestini di provenienza e formazione (2014), hanno all’attivo un EP dal titolo White Lines (2014) ed il full length, Rises (2016). La Band attinge in toto alle sonorità tipiche che hanno dato il via all’Ondata Metal per antonomasia, restando fedeli all’archetipo del sound proposto dai primi mentori della scena NWOBHM …read more

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