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The Drift


Track Listing:
01. Terra Incognita | 02. On The Nature Of Flights | 03. Khadath Al Kold | 04. Frozen Shroud | 05. Zarathustra | 06. Broken Anchor | 07. I Write My Hopes | 08. The Wounded Gods

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Swizz dark metal group Xaon, entered the studio at the dawn of 2017 with respected and talented french drummer Jordan Kiefer to record their first album. The new record takes the band’s sound to a new sonic level, progressing from spectral ambiances to grandiose and intricate orchestrations. The album evolves from oppressing aggressiveness to majestic lamentations and due to it’s very nature, it is soberly entitled The Drift.

The album was by recorded and mixed by Rob Carson at Studio du Lac in January/February 2017 and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio. The album art was designed by Chris Kiesling from Misanthropic-Art.

The Drift | Released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on May 15th, 2017

Track Listing:
01. Terra Incognita | 02. On The Nature Of Flights | 03. Khadath Al Kold | 04. Frozen Shroud | 05. Zarathustra | 06. Broken Anchor | 07. I Write My Hopes | 08. The Wounded Gods

Xaon are:
Rob – Vocals | Vinc – Guitar | Flo – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube







  1. rockmusicraider.com

    So, methinks that the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse got themselves some serious company. And Xaon just opened up with them bow chasers, coming on strong. Cool stuff, I like it …read more

  2. soilchronicles.fr

    Cependant, le groupe Xaon m’était totalement inconnu jusqu’à ce jour. Pourtant, eux viennent de Sion comme Trollort. Eux aussi produisent un metal qui pourrait me parler ne serait-ce que d’un point de vue visuel. Et pourtant… Alors, lorsque l’occasion s’est présentée de faire quelques lignes sur leur dernier bébé, je me suis jeté dessus avec cette curiosité qui rend l’inconnu délectable …read more

  3. diosesdelmetal.org

    Increíble debut de esta banda formada por músicos con una trayectoria ya más o menos reconocida y con tablas sobre sus hombros. Su nombre es Xaon, provienen de Sion, Suiza y practican un Dark Metal melódico con fuentes sinfónicas de los que de primeras se puede sacar parecido con los británicos Xerath y el noruego Ihsahn, éste segundo sobre todo por los ritmos intrincados de batería y registro vocal de su frontman.

    Bajo una producción muy buena, sin apenas pegas que mencionar salvo momentos esporádicos de la batería, el disco transcurre sus ocho temas con mucha facilidad. En total el nivel es elevado, no hay ninguno que se quede por debajo a nivel instrumental, tan solo el corte que cierra, “The Wounded Gods”, que tiene una apariencia inicial más melancólica y atmosférica, su desarrollo demuestra que la brutalidad no solo es cosa de las bandas que presentan esa etiqueta en su estilo …read more

  4. metaltrenches.com

    This album is the perfect mix of traditional prog metal and symphonic BM of truly epic proportions. The simulated orchestral arrangements are ‘uge in the Trump sense of the word. In fact, I would venture to say that these are some of the most dramatic compositions I have heard this year. On top of that, the progressive segments take things to an even higher level with performances that rival Akerfeldt, Ihsahn, and ICS Vortex rolled into one. The shifts into harsh BM vocals are none too shabby either. The way the cadences align with the technical-yet-organic drumming (Jordan Kiefer) is nothing short of studio magic. I’m especially fond of the climax-building drum solo towards the end of “Zarathustra.” Finally, pacing and dynamics are on freakin’ point with plenty of ethereal rock guitar solos and piano interludes to keep the album flowing smooth like freshly churned butter …read more

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