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Black Canvas


01. Change Is the Only Constant | 02. Claw Marks | 03. Eyes For Medusa | 04. Snakes | 05. The Ground Beneath The Weeds | 06. Giving Gets You Nothing | 07. Doomsayer | 08. It’s A Sin | 09. Death Black

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Black Canvas is Kill All The Gentlemen’s second full length effort, set for release via Sliptrick Records on February 1st, 2022. Once again, the band relied on trustworthy producer Chris Fielding of Foel Studio to mix and master the album, whilst entrusting artwork duties to the very talented macabre artist Jose Gabriel Alegria Sabogal.

The result is downright impressive: nine bone-crushing, heavy riff-infested tracks, with the addition of intricate arrangements and exquisite song writing which will catapult the listener into a dark, merciless netherworld true to the album’s title. “I guess you could say Black Canvas is about an over-tainted world. You see, when a painting starts off as a blank canvas, that’s the beginning. A perfect concept of nothingness, virgin and untainted. Then you start to add colour and depth (life, essentially). In this case it’s black, meaning it needs to be stripped back or reset” says founding member and frontman of the band Adam Martin. “and by the way, the band unanimously agrees that this record is even heavier than our previous release.”

The album features the singles Eyes of Medusa (with the addition of guest vocals by Grace Gillan) and a merciless rendition of The Pet Shop Boys 80’s classic It’s A Sin.

Black Canvas | Released February 1st, 2022 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Change Is the Only Constant | 02. Claw Marks | 03. Eyes For Medusa | 04. Snakes | 05. The Ground Beneath The Weeds | 06. Giving Gets You Nothing | 07. Doomsayer | 08. It’s A Sin | 09. Death Black

Kill All The Gentlemen are:
Adam Martin – Vocals/Guitar | Ben Andrew – Bass/Backing Vocals | Mikey Precious – Guitar/Backing Vocals | Thomas Arne Rørstad – Drums

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  1. antichristmagazine

    Short and sweet people, if you dig a good riff, then this is sure to tickle your fancy. Relentless musical proficiency put together in the most delectable way. Give this album a listen! It is well worth it! From start to finish… well worth it …read more

  2. metal-line.cz

    KILL ALL THE GENTLEMEN pracují s oběma styly s rozvahou, a to včetně zvuku. Zvuk považuji za naprosto famózní, přestože není za tolik brutální a masivní, díky němu však vyniká skladba jako celek …read more

  3. metal-temple.com

    “Black Canvas” is a fine example of contemporary Modern Death Metal that hits all the right spots, yet at times offers even more than just another MDM-record experience …read more

  4. zwaremetalen.com

    Ik begon gereserveerd aan deze plaat, raakte hierna een beetje ontgoocheld – kuch Eyes For Medusa kuch – maar werd gaandeweg kansloos ingepakt. Kill All The Gentlemen doet zich voor als een deathmetalband, maar zit met zijn handjes ook in de potten en pannen van andere metalgenres. Dat levert wel vaker de lekkerste muziek op …read more

  5. flyingfiddlesticks.com

    Kill All The Gentlemen will surprise you. There is a good chance their music will not be what you expect. There is an even better chance that you will like it so much you’ll remember their name. Recommended …read more

  6. darkdoomgrinddeath

    Kill All The Gentlemen are a very great sounding melodic mixture of black, death and groove metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band …read more

  7. metallerium.com

    Segundo álbum de estudio de esta banda inglesa que tiene por extraño y sarcástico nombre Kill All The Gentlemen, y que en este nuevo disco “Black Canvas” mantiene su sonido enfocado en hacer metal extremo con melodías, con inclinación al metal clásico …read more

  8. snoozecontrol.be

    De metalmuziek van Kill All The Gentlemen is extreem, brutaal, agressief, snedig en energetisch. De band gaat op “Black Canvas” meedogenloos te keer en kiest daarvoor de hardste invloeden uit black-, death- en nu-metal en uit metal- en deathcore te versmelten tot gloeiend heet pantserstaal …read more

  9. metalnoise.net

    The time of celebration is upon us, the Kings of United Kingdom Blackened Death Metal have arrived for their coronation …read more

  10. MetallumSubTerra

    ‘Black Canvas’ is as good an album of the heavier end thrash/death I’ve heard for some years. There’s a metal mag they used to ask the question ‘A kid asks you what metal is – what album do you give them? …read more

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