Odd Times


01. Odd Times | 02. Countdown | 03. Crazy Horse | 04. V | 05. Different Worlds

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Acclaimed Italian Alberto Rigoni has put his focus on our current crises with his brand new album Odd Times, released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on July 7th. 38 minutes of eclectic progressive rock featuring special guests Marco Minnemann and Alexandra Zerner.

Alberto Rigoni stated; “I started composing the album at the beginning of 2020 …the Corona virus epidemic had already started in that period so I thought …we are living in odd times indeed. From that thought came the idea of composing an album full of odd time signatures.

As with previous albums, the tracks started from writing down bass lines, then I added programmed drums (just for reference) and composed all the songs. This time I had in mind to have all the instruments, bass, drums, guitars and keyboards. So I asked the legendary worldwide know drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats) who was perfect for the concept of the album, as well as super talented guitarist and keyboard player Alexandra Zerner to join the making and recording of the tracks. Mixing and mastering was made by Federico Solazzo, a great sound engineer, who like us, loves this kind of music.

Regarding the title of the album well …Odd Times says it all :)”

Odd Times | Released Jul 7th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Odd Times | 02. Countdown | 03. Crazy Horse | 04. V | 05. Different Worlds

Alberto Rigoni is:
Alberto Rigoni – Bassist/Songwriter | Marco Minnemann – Drums | Alexandra Zerner – Guitars/Keyboards

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    Un disco divertente, dinamico che tira su non poco il morale agli amanti del genere progressive soprattutto in un periodo infelice come questo. Ottimo acquisto se volete …read more


    What Alberto has written here with his superbly and equally talented bandmates, “Odd Times” is my pick for best progressive instrumental rock of 2020. I commend him staying disciplined throughout the 2020 COVID-19 crises and being completely focused on putting out such an emotional release which sums up the craziness, sadness, and desperate times the world has had to deal with this year …read more


    I’m not a huge fan of instrumental Prog usually, but maybe if more of it was like this I would. Short, concise and very tight. Every moment feels like it was intended as a part of the larger whole and really that’s how any album should be, that’s how the best albums are …read more

  4. madeinmetal

    Es todo un deleite escuchar a músicos que dominan sus instrumentos al nivel maestro, jugando con los compases y las notas más complejas como si se tratará de lo más simple de este mundo. Alberto Rigoni otra vez ha hecho un disco que no venderá muchas copias pero que hará sentir a sus músicos un orgullo inmenso …read more


    The artwork is spectacular too,so the whole package is a major accomplishment for it’s author! Great album and all our respect for a great musician ,ODD TIMES is an almost a perfect album! 4.5 stars well deserved for me …read more


    Für Fans virtuoser Musik ist diese Veröffentlichung ein sicherer Kauf. Wer bei John Petrucci, Rhy Dongjiu oder Yngwie Malmsteem gerne zugreift, kann auch hier nichts verkehrt machen. Schön ist vor allem, dass “Odd Times” nicht aalglatt ist, sondern auch gerne ein paar Kanten zeigt. Besonders im letzten Stück ‘Different Worlds’ zeigen die drei Kunstschaffenden, wie sie ihre unterschiedlichen musikalischen Einflüsse zu etwas Einzigartigem kombinieren können …read more

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