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Gen Z


01. Boom | 02. Sick | 03. Wake Up | 04. Dub | 05. Myself | 06. 漢字 Kanji | 07. Mr. K | 08. Fallen Prophet | 09. Blame | 10. Naked | 11. Far Away

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The 11 tracks of the new album Gen Z are based on dark realism. The lyrics travel between topics of despair, cynicism and reality that the current society faces in the wake of technology and social media, giving steps further on losing touch with humanity. Melodically, Gen Z is structured on deep orchestration and the long time lost “Wall of Sound” while rhythmically it explores new territory with a blend of “world sound”, “folklore” and “heavy metal” that encompass this post industrial noir sound.

Powerful guitar riffs, odd-time-syncopated drums, a heavy use of electronic sounds plus a clean and an electronic voice (without the use of any effects), are some of the striking characteristics heard throughout the album giving Zeistencroix their truly unique and deadly sound.

Gen Z was produced by OD and Alex Crescioni and recorded at Seahorse Studio, Stygian Sound and es audio studios Los Angeles CA. Mixing duties were also performed by Alex Crescioni with mastered by Paul Abbot at Zen Mastering. The artwork was created by Santi Rivillas and additional images come courtesy of Anabel DFlux.

Gen Z | Released October 1st, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Boom | 02. Sick | 03. Wake Up | 04. Dub | 05. Myself | 06. 漢字 Kanji | 07. Mr. K | 08. Fallen Prophet | 09. Blame | 10. Naked | 11. Far Away

All tracks written and Performed by OD and Santi Rivillas
Additional vocals for Myself and Wake Up by Zander Reddis

Zeistencroix are:
Orlando “OD” Draven – Vocals/Guitars | Santi Rivillas – Drums | Zander Reddis – Live Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick








  1. soilchronicles.fr

    Les chansons sont dynamiques, le son puissant, la prestation vocale est forte de personnalité et même la production est bonne …read more

  2. monarchmagazine

    It`s been a while since I heard industrial album and this one gives me a kick. It`s a reminder that industrial is very interesting genre of heavy music. All techno/electronic influences are well fitted in proportions to metal that Zeistencroix mixed in their songs …read more

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