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01. Midnight Drive | 02. Pages | 03. Planet X | 04. Ricochet | 05. Scratched

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Swiss alternative rock group Yesterday Is History are back with their latest EP entitle Circles released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on April 16th. Circles is a continuation and embellishment upon their previous EP Frames as the band explore the concepts that are close to them while expanding upon the bands punk pop/rock sound.

10 facts about Circles you probably didn’t know:
• Circles is a pop/rock mashup with punk rhythm and pop melodies.

• The band are mainly inspired by the whole modern scene in terms of musical production, rather than in terms of “music”.

• They are inspired by their previous releases and try to evolve their sound.

• They would like to principally transmit the sense of power with their songs.

• Yesterday Is History would like you to appreciate the good level of production and hope you feel some emotion by listening to them.

• Circles is an album written mainly for live performance. It was written to give rhythm and power to their shows.

• The themes of the new songs haven’t detached a lot from the previous EP Frames, although each song expresses a different concept as opposed to Frames, which was a concept album.

• The cover represents a girl from behind, in the middle of an Arizona road (more precisely, in Phoenix). The girl looks at the sun, a circle. The circle symbolizes continuity and perfection. The cover and the artwork was created by Egon Klett.

• The EP was made in a year starting from the writing and delivery of the Master.

• The EP was recorded in HRS Massagno, Lugano. Mixed and Mastered by Giampiero Ulacco in Pescara.

Circles | Released April 16th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Midnight Drive | 02. Pages | 03. Planet X | 04. Ricochet | 05. Scratched

Yesterday Is History are:
Matteo Sulmoni – Guitar / Vocals | Mattia Facciolo – Guitar | Marco Stevanato – Bass | Davide Sulmoni – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







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