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Paradigms Lost


01. Infighting | 02. Paradigms Lost | 03. Seeds of Rebellion | 04. Idols | 05. The Sickening | 06. Severed | 07. My Consuming Grief | 08. Home of the Grave | 09. The Haven | 10. Land of Plenty

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In the fall of 2015, French Heavy-thrash/Stoner group Worselder, started the pre-production of their second album Paradigms Lost finally finishing of 10 track opus in late 2016. The album is certainly Worselder’s most accomplished work to date: the writing has the typical characteristics that form the sound of the band but it’s also more mature than previous releases, with plaintive, thought provoking lyrics.

The band is deeply and proudly committed to its Pyrenean roots; it influences the atmosphere of their music, which is both dark and optimistic with lyrics marking topical events, as well as historical references. The album’s title and artwork are an evident reference to the history of the Cathar heretics (which proves once again the attachment of the band to is roots), but here the development of this theme goes further. Not being a concept album strictly speaking, Paradigms Lost explores all the paradigms humans have wasted, due to religious, political or financial considerations.

Paradigms Lost was recorded by Elise Aranguren in the band’s private studio, then mixed and mastered at Upload Studio (Montpellier/ France) by Bruno Varea (well known for his work with Dagoba, Satyricon, Lenny Kravitz and many others).

Paradigms Lost | Digital Release June 1st, 2017 on Sliptrick Records
Paradigms Lost | Physical Release September 14th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Infighting | 02. Paradigms Lost | 03. Seeds of Rebellion | 04. Idols | 05. The Sickening | 06. Severed | 07. My Consuming Grief | 08. Home of the Grave | 09. The Haven | 10. Land of Plenty

Worselder are:
Guillaume Granier – Vocals | Yoric Oliveras – Guitar | Jérémie Delattre – Guitar | Michel Marcq – Drums | Yannick Fernandez – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook






  1. rockonstage.org

    Realmente, concordo com o que está escrito no Bandcamp da banda: eles fizeram do Metal Tradicional e o Hardcore dos anos 90 trombar com o Stoner e o Thrash Metal atuais de forma que um álbum como este Paradigm Lost do Worselder comprovou que devemos olhar ( e principalmente ouvir ) com mais atenção as bandas francesas, pois, no caso deste exemplo específico, posso afirmar seguramente suas dez canções refletem essa mistura citada anteriormente, pois, percebemos seu foco para o que temos chamado de Heavy Metal Moderno, entretanto, o quinteto não se deu por satisfeito e soube muito bem como ajustar competência seus pontos Prog Metal, Groove, New Metal e Thrash mantendo o disco relevante em cada um de seus cinquenta e três minutos. Acredito que fãs de nomes como Pantera, System Of a Down e Slipkont encontrem claros elementos deles neste trabalho e provavelmente vão gostar facilmente …read more

  2. explicitlyintense.com

    With 54 minutes of music featured on this album, heavy metal and groove metal will never be the same, as Worselder is all about change and endless possibilities within the metal universe. Definitely a record not to be passed up, as it will rock your world very hard …read more

  3. thehorrortimes.com

    Worselder’s songwriting also works very well, marking current reminders in society and echoing back to historical events assisted often by the bass and pounding drums, and developing catchy riffs and spreading the design of the music to an industrial level. ‘Severed’ noted an old school metal feel, while ‘My Consuming Grief’ broods a more ominous feel which sounds more power metal by the end of the track …read more

  4. absit-omen.com

    The album features no filler and entertains all the way through. The combination of different styles works great on the record and will leave as lasting impression on the listener. Elements of thrash metal, stoner, hardcore can be found, making for a great and unique listen …read more

  5. monarchmagazine.weebly.com

    Fortunately for me, they are a bit unpredictable, their music ideas play on my desire to hear next and another really superb riff or amazing vocal appearances they are likely to have. Music has all elements in place, either if they play melodic or more aggressive, they reveal good taste of music …read more

  6. justinhulford.tumblr.com

    I would happily recommend it to people that like an industrial sound but aren’t worried about the heaviness going up a notch. There are loads of mini ideas flying around and that keeps it all fresh, and no doubt it can offer up more on future listens …read more

  7. ringmasterreviewintroduces.wordpress.com

    Inspirations to the band apparently include the likes of Coroner, Testament, and Pantera; a trio which across the whole of an album but especially in the final song alone you can appreciate in a release which simply draws attention back time and time again as we can attest to. Paradigms Lost has all the qualities and impressiveness to push Worselder into global attention, now it is up to the world to embrace them …read more

  8. nawakulture.fr

    Le travail de mélodie est aussi à souligner, on n’a pas à se plaindre ici d’un album monotone ou d’un seul bloc, les atmosphères sont variées et des chants féminins font même leur apparition au milieu de vocalises masculines alternant clair et éclairs agressifs, comme à l’époque où ICED EARTH ne s’était pas encore mis à la musette patriotique ou celle où RAGE (Deutschland) commençait à jouer plus sur les nuances et moins sur la vitesse. WORSELDER est aussi capable, puisqu’on en parle, d’accélérer le tempo (par exemple sur le morceau-titre), mais se dispense toutefois d’en faire un tic, insistant davantage sur les ambiances sombres et pesantes ce qui devient à force une marque de fabrique …read more

  9. metal-eyes.com

    La grosse difficulté que nous, chroniqueurs de tous horizons, rencontrons souvent, c’est la profusion. De groupes « uniques », de CD « novateurs », « exceptionnels » ou doté de tout autre superlatifs hâtifs. Alors, quand on écoute un CD et que celui-ci fait vibrer certaines cordes, là, on se dit qu’on tient quelque chose. C’est le cas de ce Paradigms lost, nouvel album des Français de Worselder. Et ce qui me fascine, c’est que le groupe utilise un nombre conséquent de ficelles connues de tous sans que cela ne soit un instant gênant …read more

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