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Wonderworld III


01. Background Noises | 02. Stormy Night | 03. Big Word | 04. Crying Out For Freedom | 05. A Mountain Left To Climb | 06. Brand New Man | 07. Rebellion | 08. The Last Frontier | 09. Stay Away From Me | 10. There Must Be More

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In October 2017, Wonderworld started recording their 3rd album….simply to be called; III (following the numeric theme of the previous releases I and II). Even though there is influence from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC and Rush in the mix, the band have their own musical style and have created a solid combination of old and new influences sprinkled with their own spices to forge a melting pot of rock music.

The basic tracks are more or less live with adding vocals, the occasional solos and a bit of keyboards. It was important to the band to retain their traditional live feel on the album, because that’s what Wonderworld is all about; the energy created by 3 guys in a single room getting off on their sound and emotions!

All the songs are written by Roberto Tiranti & Ken Ingwersen and the album is produced and mixed by Ken Ingwersen. The group recorded most of the album in Lionheart studio in Oslo, Norway with engineer Øyvind Larsen in over just a few days. III is mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room, Stockholm. Björn has mastered many international acts like Rammstein, Britney Spears and Meshuggah. Special guest on this album is Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Jorn) on hammond and keyboards.

Wonderworld III | Released June 19th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records on CD/Digital
Wonderworld III | Released September 16th, 2021 on Sliptrick Records on Vinyl

Track Listing:
01. Background Noises | 02. Stormy Night | 03. Big Word | 04. Crying Out For Freedom | 05. A Mountain Left To Climb | 06. Brand New Man | 07. Rebellion | 08. The Last Frontier | 09. Stay Away From Me | 10. There Must Be More

Wonderworld are:
Roberto Tiranti – Vocals/Bass | Ken Ingwersen – Guitars/Backing vocals | Tom Arne Fossheim – Drums/Backing vocals

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







  1. monarchmagazine.weebly.com

    My conclusion is that III is a standing out record and I think that`d be good idea to play this band when you want to hit the road in your almost wrecked car, just like that, to maybe make your own day a good one …read more

  2. heavymetalresource.com

    It borrows a little from here and there but has its own identity. I like this band and think the sound is refreshing. Recommended …read more

  3. metaleyes.iyezine.com

    Con III i Wonderworld si candidano come una delle massime espressioni nel genere, mostrando d’essere assolutamente in grado di competere con i gruppi di punta dell’hard rock classico internazionale ed una vera e propria garanzia per gli amanti di queste sonorità …read more

  4. framemusic

    So if you like your rock, hard and heavy, yet melodic and catchy, with a big helping of strong guitar lines, you will most definitely enjoy this album. All I have to add now is to say to Roberto, Ken and Tom is that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to and reviewing this album.

  5. viriaor

    Una grata sorpresa que espero no pase desapercibida para los que gustan de la calidad instrumental, del barniz que hace brillar lo secado ante muchos soles y la melodía precisa en el segundo indicado. Los sonidos prefabricados no encontrarán hueco en estos surcos de dedicación amaestrada por el consumo inherente a la edad de los discos que se asimilan, con el aprendizaje de la juventud, y representan la madurez de su presente …read more

  6. hardsounds.it

    Per una volta la mia curiosità è stata ampiamente ripagata. Quest’album è un felice connubio tra potente classic rock e progressive, senza troppi fronzoli e con tonnellate di classe, che non ha nulla da invidiare ad uscite più blasonate come Black Country Communion o Winery Dogs …read more

  7. justin hulford

    I don’t want to spoil the enjoyment of discovering this for anyone reading but instead will be going away to enjoy it again and again. This really is excellent hard rock that ticks loads of boxes. Now I just need to track them down live …read more

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