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Withered Paradogma


01. Mütrümtun (The Calling) | 02. Defrosting | 03. 0440 | 04. Wolves | 05. Vital End | 06. Beyond The Marinas | 07. Black State Council | 08. Storm Within | 09. Oblivion Collector | 10. Solstice Haze | 11. The Awakening

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The Chilean band Weight Of Emptiness releases its third full-length album called Withered Paradogma, which reflects life and death as part of the cycles of the human being. Death is just one more step, a new beginning, the awakening to a new age, where the old ways are withered.

The album was composed in the lonely and full of uncertainty times of the global pandemic, and comes to propose a new direction, which will seek to illuminate the deepest darkness of the soul.

Withered Paradogma was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Iturra (Ripo Studio- Arica, Chile, mixing and mastering studio). The recording of voices, guitars and bass was done at The Farm Studio (Buin, Chile) and the recording of drums at Audio Custom Studio (Santiago, Chile). The album features guest musicians Andrei Oltean (Blockflöte Bass, Blockflöte Tenor & Jaw Harp on Defrosting), Pedro Herrera (Ancestral Recitation in Tse Süngun language on Defrosting), Giancarlo Nattino (Vocals on Storm Within) and Richard Iturra (Guitar Solo on Oblivion Collector and arrangements (strings) on all songs).

The cover art and songs illustrations were made by Claudio Hernández and the final layout by Eliseo Peña.

01. Mütrümtun (The Calling) | 02. Defrosting | 03. 0440 | 04. Wolves | 05. Vital End | 06. Beyond The Marinas | 07. Black State Council | 08. Storm Within | 09. Oblivion Collector | 10. Solstice Haze | 11. The Awakening

Withered Paradogma | Released March 7th, 2023 on Sliptrick Records

Weight Of Emptiness are:
Alejandro Ruiz – Vocals | Juan Acevedo – Guitar | Alejandro Bravo – Guitar | Mauricio Basso – Drums | Mario Urra – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







  1. ironbackstage

    In conclusion, Weight of Emptiness’ “Withered Paradogma” is an exceptional musical voyage that transcends the boundaries of genres, resonating deeply with those who seek profound and thought-provoking musical experiences. It stands as a testament to the power of music to guide us through the darkest moments and lead us towards the light of self-discovery and renewal …read more

  2. diosesdelmetal.org

    El infinito juego de intercalar, superponer y alternar diferentes estilos y sub géneros musicales, más allá del Metal, nos muestran a un WOE totalmente pragmático y absolutamente dueños de una técnica excelsa en la interpretación, como una vastedad difícil de delimitar en el campo de la creatividad de las armonías y atmósferas que despliegan y logran en cada minuto de la nueva entrega …read more

  3. canalbloodymary.com

    Latinoamericano tem mais um ótimo representante que não deixa nada a desejar se comparada com bandas europeias e estadunidenses. Que o público brasileiro possa privilegiar mais a cena sul-americana, ela merece mais a nossa atenção …read more

  4. metal-division-magazine.com

    WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS offer a finely polished work on their album, which seems relatively cliché-free and can convince with its class. It’s also impressive how they managed to combine the mostly rapid and relentlessly riffing verses with unbelievable catchy choruses without losing any of their heaviness; best example of this is “Black State Council” or “The Awakening”. There are also 1a mid-tempo smashers like “0440” and hymns a la “Solstice Haze”. There is simply no better way to invest your money …read more

  5. musika.be

    Het vergt wel enkele draaibeurten om dit album te leren ontdekken maar bij elke draaibeurt wordt het beter en beter, en laat dan nu meestal een eigenschap zijn van een goed album. Voor fans van Opeth (oudere werk) en voor fans van doom / death maar met een progressieve inslag …read more

  6. progressor.net

    A production to seek out if extreme progressive metal with a dynamic execution and a balanced combination of vibrant and atmospheric laden elements is within your general field of interest …read more

  7. metal-temple.com

    Overall, this was an excellent release. In the vein of Death Metal, many of the songs were as hard as diamonds, and as aggressive as a serpent going after prey. But, the band also did an amazing job of working in melodies to the music, and the sound varied from track to track, so you never knew what was coming next …read more

  8. metallerium.com

    “Withered Paradogma” de Weight of Emptiness es un disco que demuestra el siguiente paso de la banda para futuras producciones, porque están muy cerca de ser una banda progresiva como lo fue Opeth en los 90s y dejar la rudeza para determinados momentos. Un disco que demuestra que el constante trabajo de la banda para superarse en cada disco, funciona a la perfección, manteniendo su fiereza e idea metalera en todos los sentidos. 4 años que tomaron un mejor camino …read more

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