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Pārķiuņa Uomurs


01. Pi Tuoļim Krostym | 02. Stuojīs! | 03. Cīņis Gors | 04. Pārķiuņa Uomurs | 05. Dzeļža Ryuda | 06. Svietņeica | 07. Uperiešona | 08. Syt Pa Seyi | 09. Toļļs | 10. Karaveiri | 11. Ceļš Da Sātai

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Pārķiuņa Uomurs (Thunder’s Hammer) is the fourth studio album from Latvian group Varang Nord. As with previous albums, it still combines harsh death metal riffs with epic accordion chants, creating a unique blend of northern pagan/folk metal, but for the first time in band’s history, all the lyrics are written in the Latgalian language (an eastern dialect of Latvian). The album is proudly dedicated to Varang Nord’s homeland, the power and beauty of it’s nature and the depth of it’s cultural roots.

The album was produced by the band and recorded at their personal studio. Mixing and mastering was by Gints Lundbergs at the well-known Latvian Sound Division Studio. Traditional instruments like medieval bagpipes and talharpa were recorded by the talented Alyona Fomina (MJØD). All the orchestral arrangements were done by a young upcoming composer named Yuri Borin and the powerful basslines were created by the legendary Serge Karshev (Neglected Fields, Preternatural).

Varang Nord are a folk/pagan metal band from the cold woodlands of Latvia. Their songs praise mighty battles, bloody sacrifices to the Old Gods and joyful northern feasts with endless mugs of ale. Time to join the festivities!

Pārķiuņa Uomurs | Released February 23rd, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Pi Tuoļim Krostym | 02. Stuojīs! | 03. Cīņis Gors | 04. Pārķiuņa Uomurs | 05. Dzeļža Ryuda | 06. Svietņeica | 07. Uperiešona | 08. Syt Pa Seyi | 09. Toļļs | 10. Karaveiri | 11. Ceļš Da Sātai

Varang Nord are:
Maksims “Wolf” Popovs – Vocals/Guitar | Jelena Kalniša – Vocals/Accordion | Danila Lopuha – Bass/Vocals | Javgenijs Selivanovs – Guitar | Aigars Zeiza – Drums | Vjačeslavs Janens – Percussion/Vocals

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | VK | On Sliptrick








  1. diariodeunmetalhead.com

    Sus canciones alaban poderosas batallas, sacrificios sangrientos a los dioses antiguos y alegres fiestas del norte con interminables jarras de cerveza. Es hora de sumarse a la fiesta del Viking Metal en un disco que gana con cada escucha. Drunken Buddha no iban a perder la Metal Battle contra cualquiera …read more

  2. theheadbangingmoose.com

    Varang Nord are not just another band recommended for fans of bands the likes of Ensiferum, Amon Amarth and Turisas, but a fantastic Latvian institution that truly deserves our appreciation for their contribution to heavy music. And let those talented Latvians bring down the hammer on us all …read more

  3. soilchronicles.fr

    L’album se finit comme il a commencé, avec une instrumentale. Toujours très mélodique, mais cette fois plus douce où la guitare est mise en avant, pour terminer avec un peu de douceur, après avoir été bataillé chez les Vikings …read more

  4. metal-temple.com

    This is a top-notch effort by a band that gives their big-gun peers a considerable run for their money. Beware SKYFORGER and ENSIFERUM – VARANG NORD is coming for you …read more

  5. musika.be

    Niet dat we iets echt vernieuwend hebben ontwaard op ‘Pārķiuņa Uomurs’ maar dat is nu bepaald ook niet noodzakelijk op elk album …read more

  6. algoderock.com

    En mi opinión estamos ante un disco más que correcto, que aunque la elección del idioma nos impide desentrañar de que trata cada tema, es un disco muy recomendado para todos los fanáticos del pagan metal …read more

  7. darkdoomgrinddeath

    In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Varang Nord and if you are a fan of folk, Viking and death metal, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “Stuojis” “ASvietneica” “Syt pa Seyi” and “Karavein” …read more

  8. antichristmagazine.com

    Oscillating between folk and metal, at the borders of Slavic, Scandinavian and Germanic influences, Varang Nord distils a punchy music, with heady and catchy melodies. Compared to the previous material, the compositions are stronger, more accomplished and neat both in the placement of each instrument and on the chosen melodic lines. The orchestration, the arrangements do not escape to this general trend as well …read more

  9. folk-metal.nl

    Varang Nord understands how to give the folk instruments such as the accordion (mainly,but not only) enough room to create​ very folky melodies and harmonies combined​ with​ heavy guitar riffs, great​ drums performances and strong vocals. The album is coming with 11 tracks including the Intro and the Outro with​ a playing time of 48 minutes and shows​ no weakness at all. In my opinion​ the most mature and so far strongest​ release of Varang Nord …read more

  10. jennytate

    Difficult to do justice to an album of this quality, or to convey the power of its impact. It’s just an outstanding reflection of atmosphere, capturing the true, original essence of the time and its level of passion and intricacy is unfalteringly and extraordinarily delivered. ‘PU’ is beyond stunning, displaying a superior level of craftsmanship …read more

  11. metalinside.ch

    Varang Nord haben zweifelsohne ein ganz gefälliges Werk abgeliefert. Die Vertonung des Wikingerlebens – mit all seinen Höhen und Tiefen – ist ihnen gelungen. Von Schlachthymnen über Reiselieder bis hin zu festlichen Trinkanimationen ist alles vertreten. Die vielversprechenden Ansätze könnten der Equipe eine glorreiche Zukunft bescheren. Völlig aus dem Nichts gewinnt man ja nicht eben mal rasch einen Wacken Metal Battle …read more

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