Via Mala


01. Nevica | 02. il Sentiero del Cervo | 03. il Solco | 04. Maree | 05. Somnium | 06. Nami | 07. Spirale

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Forty seven minutes long, the record has seven tracks: Nevica, Il sentiero del cervo, Il solco, Maree, Somnium, Nami and Spirale. A powerful and reinvigorating album, with a very consistent body of melodies, Via Mala is an impressive work of art, that has on the verge of its beautiful and heavy harmonies the enormous universe of a circumspect horizon of possibilities, where the sensibility of the music overlaps other majestic qualities, which in turn is extensively overwhelmed by a vast and complex conjuncture of elements, that inserts an indelible level of pragmatic densities into Umbra Noctis’ diversified mosaic of rhythmic projections.

The consistency of the album is engraved by a correlated and competent sense of stylistic dynamics, which means that, although each and every song has its own peculiarities, the album maintains a distinct sonorous identity. With a lucid and ponderable sense of impeccability, the vigorous injection of strength and sobriety underlined by their style enables the music to act as a comprehensive universe of solitary confinement, quietness and serenity.

With an appreciative degree of originality, Via Mala is like an infinite realm of overwhelming sagacious audacity, that covers the genre with a sonorous extension of poetic beauty. It has, indeed, fascinating fresh elements, that gives them very unique musical features, that can be felt as more abrasive, but paradoxically smooth as well. Although their sound becomes more stagnant and uniform as the album progresses, the work still manages to be formidably intricate and interesting.

With a brave, fearless and voracious style that has managed to conceive a very creative album, filled with astounding and abundant qualities, like fury, density, rapidness and ferocity, without fear of innovating, Umbra Noctis has outreached a formidable level of competence in this particular album, sculpting with delicacy and determination a new breed of avant-garde black metal, without renouncing, forgetting or neglecting the traditional elements, fundamental for the creation of an acceptable work of the genre. With a precise amalgamation of components, that has counterbalanced perfectly a more conventional line of work with the introduction of unexpected and original artistic outlines, Via Mala is an album with great potential to please a large crowd of enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, this is a work that should be considered a milestone.

Via Mala | Re-Released in April 20th, 2017 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Nevica | 02. il Sentiero del Cervo | 03. il Solco | 04. Maree | 05. Somnium | 06. Nami | 07. Spirale

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