01. Cocytus | 02. Styx | 03. Acheron | 04. Lethe | 05. Phlegethon

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Triverse Massacre are a crushing modern death metal band from the UK. Fusing the best elements of thrash, death, black and modern metal to create their own unique blend of aural devastation. The new release, Hades, is a five track mini album based on the Five rivers of Hades from Greek mythology blending furious blastbeats, raging guitars, and blood curdling vocals to create a truly vicious sonic experience. Hades shows the band, yet again, evolving their sound into something more uniquely striking, stepping up their intensity and technical levels to create their own truly unique voice.

Hades was recorded by Jordan “Red Leader” Embleton at Custom Space studio in South Shields who also mixed and mastered the production and it sees the rising death metal monsters capture a visceral experience for all that dare to listen.

Track By Track Breakdown

Cocytus: River of Lamentation
The band wanted to start the record with a big introduction, Using lots of orchestral and choral keyboards as well as a spoken word section to give off an almost cinematic feel, before the heavy guitar and drum section.

Styx: River of Hate
Styx is the angriest song on the EP which is fitting as it’s based on the river of hate and a perfect way to kick things off, starting with a huge call to arms vocal before going into a full on thrash assault. The bridge section veers off into orchestral black metal territory.

Acheron: River of Woe
Acheron has some of the most intense riffing on the EP along with a huge chorus that’s guaranteed to have anyone listening to it banging their head along with it.

Lethe: River of Forgetfulness
Lethe is modern death metal through and through. A super tight drum intro before descending into a mass of tremolo picked guitars and guttural vocals, this track has a slightly slower darker feel in parts with some evil minor key guitar melodies but holds absolutely nothing back.

Phlegethon: River of Fire
Phlegethon was the first song written for the EP and really set the tone for how the rest of it would sound. Having elements of classic Swedish melodic-death as well as black metal influences and another massive chorus, Triverse Massacre felt this is was the best way to end the EP.

Hades | Released February 20th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Cocytus | 02. Styx | 03. Acheron | 04. Lethe | 05. Phlegethon

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jordan “Red Leader” Embleton

Triverse Massacre are: 
Liam Stark – Vocals | Chris Kelsall – Guitar/Backing Vocals/Keyboards | James Graham – Guitar | Mike Collins – Drums | Jason McEwan – Bass

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    On ne sort pas indemne d’un retour du royaume d’Hadès. Le voyage n’est pas tranquille sur les fleuves de ce troisième EP de Triverse Massacre. Les enchainements de style sont dévastateurs. Un album 12 titres serait le bienvenu …read more


    Desde Inglaterra nos llega este quinteto de melódico y groove Death Metal TRIVERSE MASSACRE, que a través de SLIPTRICK RECORDS lanzan su tercer Ep “Hades”, compuesto por 5 canciones en 16 minutos, en los que te puedes encontrar tanto partes de Swedish Death como de Death Metal más agresivo y pegadizo, buen nivel compositivo, buenos músicos y muy buen sonido, en su primer tema “Cocytus” que es una intro de un par de minutos y hay una mezcla de Symphonic Black Metal en la primera parte y rollo egipcio tipo NILE a mitad de intro, por el ambientación que crean, pero ni mucho menos, porque detrás de las cuatro canciones restantes hay un buen Death Metal melódico, con partes más pegadizas y pesadas, y algún teclado que otro con intensidad y voz desgarradora onda Blackened, incluso algún pasaje Deathcore, pero todo muy bien empastado, muy recomendable para aquellos que no sean delicados y puristas, los estilos bien mezclados enriquecen la música, ¡le pese a quien le pese …read more

  3. TheDirtyRoom

    This album is a must have for all metal heads and is awesome from start to finish …read more


    Cosa dire? Un viaggio lungo un percorso infernal/fluviale che ci non ci lascia nemmeno il tempo di respirare, attaccati alla gola da una proposta musicale che ha ben pochi punti deboli. Aspettando il full-length non possiamo che godere di questo tuffo nell’Ade. Davvero ottimo …read more


    Hades is ultimately an above average heavy metal release because of its many positive qualities. Sure, there are a few things that could’ve been done differently; however, all of the cool and brutal stuff easily outweighs those cons in several ways. It’s a subtle release, but it is also one that is groovy, heavy and packs a punch on every listen. Highly recommended and a strong listen from start to finish …read more


    In my opinion Triverse Massacre are a very great sounding mixture of black, death, thrash and groove metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band …read more

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