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01. Atlas Endures | 02. Titanomachy | 03. Sentinels Of Stone | 04. Kronos Descends | 05. From The Mountain

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Canada’s Tides Of Kharon wage war with their sophomore release, Titanomachy. This pounding interpretation of melodic death metal captivates the listener from the first drop of the proverbial needle.

Throughout Titanomachy, a concept is revealed of a decade-long battle; a battle to determine the rulers of the future. Who will win the reigns of the universe when the last drop of blood is spilled? The answer lies within the soundscape of this record, bursting with catchy melodies, impellent drums and bone-chilling vocals.

Enter into the mythological world of ancient Greece and see through the eyes of Tides Of Kharon in this tale that is far too epic for its 26 minute embodiment.

Tides Of Kharon combine the engaging lyrical themes of Greek Mythology with the hard-hitting impact of classic, European style death metal. The group devastates their audience with monstrous grooves, catchy melodies and captivating stories.

Titanomachy | Released April 6th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Atlas Endures | 02. Titanomachy | 03. Sentinels Of Stone | 04. Kronos Descends | 05. From The Mountain

Produced by Tides Of Kharon
Drums Engineered by Greg Wright at Glas Audio
Guitars Engineered by Mike Burton at Silent Line Studios
Bass Engineered by Gord Alexander at BlackOut Studios
Vocals Engineered by Garrett Nelson
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Burton at Silent Line Studios
All Songs Written by Tides Of Kharon & Ryan Rehman

Tides Of Kharon are:
Garrett Nelson – Vocals | Mike Burton – Guitars | Cameron Rehman – Bass | Gord Alexander – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







  1. antichristmagazine.com

    Yes, “Titanomachy” is so sweetly melodic, but with such ardent belligerence, this EP has a truly hot temper …read more

  2. metal-temple.com

    “Titanomachy” is a very good melodic Death Metal EP. It is inspired by the European melodeath school and has its strengths in catchy melodies and rhythms, diversity in sound, and excellent vocals. The songs are neither too complex nor too technical, they are a good mix of harmonic melodies combined with dynamic riffing and the right portion of aggressiveness which is evidence of good songwriting. “Titanomachy” is very well produced. TIDES OF KHARON deliver an EP that will be liked by many melodic Death Metal fans and they will look forward to a full-length album of the band in the future …read more

  3. algoderock.com

    Definitivamente es un disco correcto, con multitud de matices y donde Garret está de 10. Buen adelanto para su próximo disco. Un saludo …read more

  4. deadrhetoric.com

    Those who love the European style of twin guitar harmonies and melodies, crunchy mid-tempo to slightly faster main riffs, energetic rhythm section work that pounds as well as it grooves, and a venomous death growl riding over the top should grin ear to ear over this material …read more

  5. odymetal

    Pour un premier EP, c’est plutôt réussi, cela s’écoute facilement et plaira sans doute aux fans d’AMON AMARTH et d’ASENBLUT les moins sectaires ainsi qu’aux amateurs de mélodique death metal, classique certes mais bien fait. On peut dire que TIDES OF KHARON nous ont ouvert l’appétit avec « Titanomachy » et que nous allons les attendre au tournant en espérant qu’ils sauront apporter une touche qui permettra de les démarquer d’AMON AMARTH …read more

  6. metalnoise.net

    Closing with a swashbuckling dark rampage in “From The Mountain” sees Tides Of Kharon echo the flamboyance of their earlier majestic displays while also throwing in the odd curve ball with drummer Gord Alexander producing some bursts of blast beasts as the band leap between sub-genres with death defying dexterity …read more

  7. uber-rock.co.uk

    I loved every second of this EP and can’t wait to see what they do with a full-length album someday. Every track has this wonderful evolution that perfectly keeps your attention even through multiple listenings. I have no complaints and would absolutely recommend ‘Titanomachy’ as a must-buy for your collection. It is an outstanding example of the genre done right …read more

  8. rocknrollmonuments.gr

    Οι Tides Of Kharon καταφέρνουν να κεντρίσουν το ενδιαφέρον με την ομολογουμένως έξυπνη και αρκετά καινοτόμα προσέγγιση τους. Προφανώς γνωρίζοντας τις ιδιαιτερότητες του είδους το οποίο επέλεξαν να υπηρετήσουν, προσπαθούν να αποφύγουν τις παγίδες και τον εγκλωβισμό τους σε ανούσια αναμασήματα παίζοντας προσεκτικά το χαρτί της διαφοροποίησης …read more

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