Last Trumpet Of A Giant


01. Pile Of Gravel | 02. Last Trumpet Of A Giant | 03. Riddles | 04. Ostrich Man | 05. Tombstone Rumble | 06. Yanar Dag (The Burning Mountain) | 07. Wildfire | 08. Wooden Walls | 09. The Raven

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Swedish psychedelic rock group The Mammuthus are back from the permafrost with a new album called Last Trumpet Of A Giant. The album consists of nine songs and the listener will recognize the unique blend of rock elements that has become The Mammuthus’ formula. On Last Trumpet Of A Giant, all the bands members have contributed more than before in the writing process which reflects positively on the material and once again producer Gustav Ydenius has created a sound that feels both retro and fresh.

Some might say the new album is even more diverse than its predecessor, Forever Tree, released in 2019. Ostrich Man, a song about how we tend to put our heads in the sand, might be the closest to The Beatles that the band has ever come, whereas Yanar Dag (The Burning Mountain) is as filthy as the blues gets, praising the burning cliffs in Azerbaijan. The Raven is a majestic doom ballad and Wildfire offers clear echoes from the 70’s in its hard swinging 6/8 beat and a message about spreading good deeds. Riddles takes the listener on a journey to a mystical stone island and in the title track Last Trumpet Of A GiantThe Mammuthus’ signatures are all there – rolling guitar riffs, thundering drums, rock solid bass lines and a killer chorus about the coming end of the world. Unfortunately a theme that feels right on point these days!

Last Trumpet Of A Giant | Released May 4th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Pile Of Gravel | 02. Last Trumpet Of A Giant | 03. Riddles | 04. Ostrich Man | 05. Tombstone Rumble | 06. Yanar Dag (The Burning Mountain) | 07. Wildfire | 08. Wooden Walls | 09. The Raven

The Mammuthus are:
Joachim Åkerman – Vocals | Mikael “Lyris” Karlsson – Guitar | Simon Wärnén – Drums | Rolf Norling – Bass | Kalle Edh – Guitar

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  1. ironbackstage

    I got no luck when I try to find when THE MAMMUTHUS was formed but it doesn’t matter as I fall in love with the music I hear on the Last Trumpet Of A Giant. Nine tracks which will throw you back deep in ’70s when stoner rock ruled the world, haha …read more


    Un buon gruppo, questi The Mammuthus. Gente che non inventa nulla, ma tira fuori un bel disco utilizzando gli elementi tradizionali dell’hard rock aggiornandoli con un pizzico di granulosità stoner. Meritano un ascolto …read more


    Il debutto dei The Mammuthus su un’etichetta vera e propria non poteva avvenire diversamente e ha tutta la mia attenzione. Sarebbe stato bello includere Last Trumpet Of A Giant nel listone(r) di band molto stoner e meno doom che abbiamo pubblicato qualche tempo fa, ma purtroppo non conoscevo la band. Questo ci insegna che il sottobosco underground è veramente stracarico di materiale, che noi non avremo mai abbastanza tempo per ascoltarlo tutto e che vale la pena campare a lungo se non altro per farsi una cultura in tal senso. Chapeau a questi cinque di Trollhättan, staremo a vedere quale strumento il gigante deciderà di suonare più avanti …read more


    This may not be your typical heavy Metal album, but it’s a definite winner. Not every minute of every day has to be a headbanger. Because eventually we get headaches. And this album is perfectly smooth and satisfying for those headache days. These guys have It. Zazz. And I look forward to hearing more music from these very talented people …read more


    Last Trumpet of a Giant est un album qui sent le bon vivre et qui étale sur l’échiquier metal tout son sens de l’accueil et du partage. Très belle surprise et un album à écouter de toute urgence …read more

  6. rozsdagyar

    Az nem biztos, hogy ez a frissen megjelent hangzóanyag nagyot fog robbanni a nemzetközi piacon, mert ez mindig sok tényező szerencsés együttállásának függvénye, de abban valószínűleg nem tévedek nagyot, hogy lényegesen hathatósabban felhívja magára a figyelmet, mint a bemutatkozó lemez. Máris több rockzenei szakoldal az év egyik meglepetésének tartja a svédek bakelit (vinyl) formában is elérhető nagylemezét, és ami azt illeti, ha én magam is a fekete korongok elhivatott gyűjtője lennék, nem haboznék …read more


    ‘Last Trumpet of a Giant’ is an album that is simultaneously immaculately put together and produced, whilst at the same time sounding natural and organic, a result of musicianship rather than the ability to manipulate computer sound files. Add in a timeless sound laced with respectful nods to their musical influences, and The Mammuthus have created an album of which they can be rightly proud, and hopefully expand their audience with …read more


    Bien que de facture assez classiques, les compositions s’avèrent superbement maîtrisées dans l’exécution, écrites et arrangées avec goût, de manière à ce qu’on retienne tel plan rythmique, telle ligne vocale ou tel refrain, et ce, pour chaque piste. Tout est en place, tout respire le feeling et la joie de jouer. Pourquoi en dire plus, il suffit d’écouter …read more


    Last Trumpet Of A Giant ist ein überdurchschnittliches Album mit einer unheimlichen Bandbreite an musikalischen Ideen und Können. Für Freunde von hochkarätiger und gitarrenlastiger Rockmusik besteht hier ein Pflichthören …read more


    Das Songwriting ist technisch brillant und erinnert mich an eine meiner Lieblingsbands Greenleaf. Dementsprechend bin ich wenig überrascht, nach ein wenig Recherche herauszufinden, dass THE MAMMUTHUS ebenfalls aus Schweden kommen. Das Genre als Stoner Rock zu bezeichnen, greift in meinen Augen definitiv zu kurz. Der Zuhörer bekommt einen wohlabgestimmten Mix aus Stoner, Psychedelic, Hard und Kickass Rock gewürzt mit einer Prise Southern-Blues-Riffs …read more


    Ich hoffe, die Band erhält zukünftig mehr Aufmerksamkeit, denn das hat sie wirklich verdient …read more

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