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Alien Hazard


01. Intro 02. Green ‘N’ Grey 03. Birth Machine 04. Drilling The Ice Of Europa 05. Forbidden Sun 06. Message From Nowhere 07. Planetary Protector 08. Red Shift 09. Fermi Paradox 10. Nibiru (Techno-Version)

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Harsh black metal male vocals and clean-singing female chorals are blended into layers of symphonic power metal. This is Sunwalter, a Moscow based project classified as Sci-Fi Metal. Their brand new album, Alien Hazard, is certainly heavy and to a certain extent extreme but don’t be afraid to dip into their ecosystem, there’s plenty to delve into and enjoy. Sunwalter assault us in the best possible way with 10 original tracks showing their own unique and twisted vision.

Here’s the bands own idiosyncratic take on Alien Hazard. “…Many years ago, high-ranking representatives of the Illuminati made a treaty with the majority of extraterrestrial races. According to it, any contact between the extraterrestrial intelligence and Earth-men should be mediated by the Illuminati initiates. However, some delegates of alien races tend to ignore these agreements, thus opening a channel for unexpected contacts between Earth-men and the extraterrestrial intelligence. In precisely this way, the members of the Sunwalter band were abducted by the Grey and upon returning to the Earth, appointed as secret interactive mediums maintaining cosmic contacts. The Sunwalter band share all their knowledge, transmitted by the Grey, with the people of Earth by encrypting the messages in their songs. The Alien Hazard album deals with high stakes and risks, inevitably arising when those responsible for the Earth trying to do business with extraterrestrial races. This relationship resembles a stressful game, where intergalactic leaders take part. Lots of secrets and puzzles of the Universe are still undiscovered for the Earth-men, but each song from the Sunwalter band slowly lifts this veil. The Alien Hazard album provides every person on the planet with new knowledge of the extraterrestrial reality, and even gives an answer for some sacred questions touching on the Solar system and our galaxy…”

Alien Hazard | Released on September 15th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Intro 02. Green ‘N’ Grey 03. Birth Machine 04. Drilling The Ice Of Europa 05. Forbidden Sun 06. Message From Nowhere 07. Planetary Protector 08. Red Shift 09. Fermi Paradox 10. Nibiru (Techno-Version)

Sunwalter are: 
Alexio – Extreme Vocals | Olga Sol – Clean Vocals | Myutel – Guitar | St.Odium – Bass | Miran – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube







  1. allaroundmetal.com

    Se qualcuno mi dovesse chiedere quanti dischi originali ho ascoltato nel 2017, nella mia risposta tra i pochissimi metterei sicuramente “Alien hazard”, secondo album della carriera dei russi Sunwalter. Non lasciatevelo scappare! …read more

  2. bloodrockmedia.com

    One thing I love about working for BRM is the constant influx of new music; it’s like a drug that is a cheap fix. But I get so much that rarely does anything really stand out. Alien Hazard is DEFINITELY going in my car. For this (let the fireworks begin), I give Sunwalter’s Alien Hazard a 5 out of 5! Nice fucking work, guys (and gal). Keep it up! …read more

  3. deadrhetoric.com

    From sci-fi metal, you can take elements of symphonic power metal, melodic death metal, and more modern varieties together to get a good sense of what Sunwalter is all about. The sci-fi elements do tend to surface the most in the synth work, with carries a modern feel to it while having an outer space vibe (see “Green‘n’Grey”). It’s bouncy at times (think Amaranthe) but still keeps a more extraterrestrial tone …read more

  4. ravenheartmusic

    Sci-Fi Metal from Russia is what Sunwalter throw at the listener. 10 tracks of awesome metal with strong electro influences. Fronted by Alexio (extreme vocals) and Sol (clean female vox), this is actually rather enjoyable stuff. It is heavy and so hideously catchy all at the same time. This is cool mixing the harsh male vocals with the angelic female vocals, and throwing in the previously metioned electro influences as well.

  5. aeafanzine.blogspot.com

    In their song ‘Fermi Paradox’ from their new album Alien Hazard you’ve got a mixture of the metal stereotypes and the not so-metal stereotypes. You’ve got blast-beats, chugging guitars and death growls but one also gets to hear operatic vocal techniques, swirling synthesizer pads and moments of gentle repose. From the beginning to the end this five-minute song is absolutely enchanting and it really makes one eager to hear the full LP …read more

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