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01. My Rock Is Hot | 02. Walk On Water | 03. Nightmare | 04. Death Or Gold | 05. Walk In The Sky | 06. Rock The Nation | 07. Back On The Road | 08. All Night | 09. Rock My Soul | 10. She Knows What It Takes | 11. Ride On | 12. Won’t Let You Go Away

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Steelwings hail from Sweden and play classic hard rock/heavy metal with roots firmly from the 80’s. Their new album Back shows the band in uncompromising mood and undiminished with age. On Back, the band have paid special attention to keeping that 80’s vibe but with an updated sound, without being too polished.

The albums feel is mostly about having a good time but there are also songs with a bit deeper lyrical ideas. With this in mind, Steelwings tried to create songs with slightly different approaches to make a more tonally interesting album. At the time of making the new record, the group didn’t have a record deal and recorded in their own home-studio. Because of different commitments within the band, Back took some time to finish but now it’s finally here and ready for release worldwide via Sliptrick Records.

The cover artwork and booklet was a cooperation between Tattoo-Thomas Art and Jerry Gladh Mediaproduktion.

The band also have plans for a red vinyl special edition of the album and you can find out more about that by visiting their website at steelwings.se.

Back | Released February 26th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. My Rock Is Hot | 02. Walk On Water | 03. Nightmare | 04. Death Or Gold | 05. Walk In The Sky | 06. Rock The Nation | 07. Back On The Road | 08. All Night | 09. Rock My Soul | 10. She Knows What It Takes | 11. Ride On | 12. Won’t Let You Go Away

Recorded at Axehult Studio, Markaryd, Sweden and mixed at Wessinge Studio, Laholm, Sweden.
Produced and mixed by Gert-Inge Gustafsson.
Mastered by Sweden Mastering.
Cover by Tattoo Thomas Art and Jerry Gladh, Markaryd, Sweden.

Steelwings are:
Tommy Söderström – Vocals | Gert-Inge Gustafsson – Guitar | Michael Lindman – Guitar | Peter Fredriksson – Bass | Marcus Fritiofsson- Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | On Sliptrick







  1. reflectionsofdarkness.com

    Well-made old-school Metal, very clean produced and well balanced sound-wise. Check it out …read more

  2. themetalmag.com

    So if you are conquered , and I am sure you are. You are gonna buy this masterpiece that on its own revives the good old eighties that made what rocking music is today. Influences ranging from many The Scorpions, Saxon, Dio, Deep Purple, Ted Nuget, Accept, Rose Tattoo, ACDC… This is not new nor original , but this is the best music that will live forever and for that I can say that Steelwings is rocking to the bones. Twelve tracks to rock your world like before, a masterpiece better than any compilation 98/100 …read more

  3. hardrockheavymetal

    With a powerful production and a clear sound, BACK starts with MY ROCK IS HOT, a stunning heavy rock track. In other songs, such as NIGHTMARE, they are able to do many things while in ROCK THE NATION they provide a bluesy hard rock full of groove. More scratchin’ BACK ON THE ROAD, enriched by a fast solo while in ROCK MY SOUL the riffing gets into your bones. Anyway a great album: STEELWINGS ARE ALIVE AND KICKIN!! …read more

  4. metal-temple.com

    “Ride On” administers aforemention quirkiness; relished with tasteful artistry, bashful hooks in which exercise energetic pulses of sporty kicks that represents pioneering musicalities of retro rock virtuosities. Overall concluding “Back” with the finale song: “Won’t Let You Go Away”; I am compelled to say that STEELWINGS have outdone themselves with this one, it is a great comeback in which definitely deserves the attention – check it out …read more

  5. ffm-rock.de

    Fazit: Knackiger Hard n’ Heavy-Rock im 80er-like Oldschoolgewand mit druckvoller Stromgitarrenpower und erdiger Reibeisenröhre geprägt von irrsinnigem Drive. – Gelungenes Comeback …read more

  6. allaroundmetal.com

    Cercate un sound ottantiano che vi riporti su territori hard’n’heavy? Tuffatevi sugli Steelwings! Questi svedesi sono davvero tornati, dopo trent’anni esatti dal loro debutto omonimo, ed è per questo che il titolo del disco è semplicemente “Back”.

    Non è ancora tempo per la pensione per questi cinque musicisti nordici; i nuovi pezzi funzionano sul serio, a partire dall’opener “My Rock Is Hot” che ci riporta su sonorità alla Judas Priest degli esordi, ma non solo. Sono diversi i brani interessanti, come la rockeggiante “Death or Gold”, classico pezzo da headbanging in auto, e la più ‘old style’ “Walk In The Sky”, che ci accompagna su territori più tipici degli anni Settanta, ricordando i Deep Purple. Insomma il disco è vario, è suonato e cantato bene ed anche la produzione si dimostra ben fatta. Difficile trovare difetti a “Back”, anche se forse avremmo preferito un paio di brani in meno. L’hard rock più ruvido viene fuori con “She Knows What It Takes” e “Won’t Let You Go Away”, brani che chiudono con le marce alte questo lavoro.

    “Back” è stata un’ottima sorpresa tra i nostri ascolti in questi mesi. Un disco davvero di spessore, bentornati Steelwings …read more

  7. hellfire-magazin.de

    Mit “Back” gelingt STEELWINGS ein Comeback nach Maß, ein solche starkes Album hatte ich ehrlich gesagt nicht erwartet, schließlich war mir die Band bis dato überhaupt kein Begriff. Zwar erfinden die Schweden das viel zitierte Rad natürlich nicht neu, dafür glänzt “Back” mit Hits en masse und klingt verdammt frisch. Für mich ein sicherer Anwärter auf die Top-Ten Listen am Ende des Jahres …read more

  8. rockerstage.com

    Il disco funziona, è semplice e azzeccato, niente di nuovo per il panorama musicale ma ascoltabile e piacevole, perfetto per le mattine post voto in cui devi assolutamente scacciare i cattivi pensieri dalla mente …read more

  9. themedianman

    “Back on the Road,” is a classic rocker with some serious groove and movement. “All Night,” continues to drive things forward, producing some interesting twists and turns. “Rock My Soul,” follows a similar formula. “She Knows What It Takes,” keeps it interesting with a grooving riff. “Ride On,” takes it down a notch and then brings it up several. “Won’t Let You Go Away,” then makes it interesting and finishes on a high …read more

  10. keep-on-rocking.com

    Steelwings sind so was von Retro. Sie lassen die große Metal-Ära der 80er Jahre wieder auferstehen. Aber Steelwings sind keine Band, die aus Nostalgie auf die Eighties Revival Welle aufspringen. Nein sie stammen aus dieser Zeit und sie leben diese Zeit. “Back” ist wohl eines der authentischsten 80er Jahre Metal Album der Gegenwart. Trotzdem klingen die Songs äußerst frisch und überhaupt nicht angestaubt. Diese fette Produktion ruft bei mir viele Erinnerungen an meine Jugendzeit hervor. Auch deshalb ziehe ich hier ganz klar die Höchstnote …read more

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