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Blood For Heaven


01. Gift Of Oizys | 02. Blood For Heaven | 03. War Of Chameleon | 04. Leviathan | 05. Trying To Breathe | 06. Rain Fire | 07. Without Borders | 08. Green God | 09. Rotten World

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The upcoming album from Greek heavy metal group Spektrvm is entitled Blood For Heaven and consists of 9 tracks and 2 wide spectrums.

The first and most obvious, is the musical one. This album is a heavy metal based one, but includes a lot of different musical influence points. Progressive, folk, nu, thrash, doom are just some of those musical styles and genres.

The other point of focus is the lyrical one. Blood For Heaven is made up of songs that speak to different social and political failings in our society, with roots that trace back to acts of greed, pride and vanity and feelings of anger, sadness and depression. So you have to watch out for the details in both the musical composition, but also the meaning behind the lyrics.

Track listing:
01. Gift Of Oizys | 02. Blood For Heaven | 03. War Of Chameleon | 04. Leviathan | 05. Trying To Breathe | 06. Rain Fire | 07. Without Borders | 08. Green God | 09. Rotten World

Executive grunt work:
Pre-productions at Phobetor Home Studios
Drums pre-productions at PROVA Music Studios
Recording and mixing at CFN Recording Studios
Mastering at Vu Productions Mastering Studios
Artwork and cd layout at Remedy Art Design
Lyrics and music written and performed by Spektrvm

Blood For Heaven | Released July 8th, 2022 on Sliptrick Records

Spektrvm are:
Thanos Zabetakis – Vocals | George Zikas – Guitar | Nicholas Dhamo – Guitar | Michael Pouliezos – Bass | Lyo Panagiotopoulos – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







  1. pyramisnews.gr

    Προτείνω λοιπόν να το πάρετε το συγκεκριμένο album, γιατί το “Blood For Heaven” των Spektrvm για ντεμπούτο album, είναι παραπάνω από καλό! Αγαπήστε το όπως το αγαπήσαμε και εμείς και κρατήστε τα αυτιά σας ανοιχτά, γιατί οι Spektrvm έρχονται για τα καλά …read more

  2. antichristmagazine.com

    You have to be realistic and fully conscious of the consequences of your own deeds and stay true to yourself. Like guys from Spektrvm that presented high-quality material filled with sincerity and good balance between classical and contemporary …read more

  3. musicbordersradio.com

    Χτυπηθείτε λοιπόν στις μουσικές τους και ανοίξτε τα αυτιά σας καλά, γιατί αυτή η μπάντα θα έχει λαμπρό μέλλον! Έχουν όλο το πακέτο και το album «Blood For Heaven» είναι μόνο η αρχή …read more

  4. metal-temple.com

    The album ends on the excellent “Rotten World” which builds up nicely from the atmospheric clean guitar into a heavier vein and another great chorus. Considering this is a debut album, it’s a definite triumph. It channels the spirit of SOEN in the vocals and melodies but this is by no means a carbon copy. It does enough to stand out from the crowd and Thanos has a great voice that suits the musicianship and carries the songs on some memorable choruses and a great clear production. I look forward to see what this band does next and they are definitely one to watch …read more

  5. noizy.gr

    Εύχομαι να είναι καλορίζικο το άλμπουμ. Φωτογραφίζει ένα σχήμα που από τη βάφτισή του δείχνει ότι είναι καμωμένο για πολλά. Θα τους φωνάξουμε, θα τους ρωτήσουμε και θα μάθουμε περισσότερα. Πολλή και καλή επιτυχία …read more

  6. belgianmetalshredder.be

    If you could only buy just one album this summer then I warmly recommend you this one! Especially if you enjoy acts like Metallica, Dream Theater, Disturbed, Placebo, Queens of the stone age, The Killers or Korn then you should really dive into this album! And even if you’ve only got a minimum of metal taste in general then Spektrvm’s debut album is a release that still deserves the investment …read more

  7. sentineldaily.com.au

    For a debut album, Blood For Heaven is a tremendously self-assured, rewarding piece of work. Well done guys, and here’s to many more …read more

  8. mostly-metal

    The band’s visual appearance is professional and eye-catching, the great cover artwork fits well to their sound. All-together, SPEKTRVM line themselves up into the quickly growing row of amazing bands coming from Greece, worth to give them a spin …read more

  9. afternoiz.gr

    Οι Spektrvm (προφέρεται Spectrum), διεκδικούν δυναμικά τη θέση τους μεταξύ των heavy/progressive metal σχημάτων της χώρας. Μας παρουσιάζουν το καταπληκτικό τους ντεμπούτο Blood For Heaven το οποίο κυκλοφόρησε στις 8 Ιουλίου από την Sliptrick Records …read more

  10. metaltalk.net

    The debut full-length release from Greek Metallers Spektrvm, Blood For Heaven is an album that is well worth a listen. The band don’t stick to one style, incorporating elements of their own culture into a pleasing blend of Metal that also includes progressive passages, folk, the odd bit of nu-Metal and a fair selection of thrash …read more

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