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Black Candy


01. Thunderbird | 02. Raised In Hell | 03. Creep Show | 04. Choke | 05. Bones In The Fire | 06. Reload, Aim, Kill | 07. Sweet Cocaine | 08. Hammered | 09. Dead By Dawn | 10. End Of The Line

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Black Candy is the thunderous second album from Australian heavy rock band, Snake Bite Whisky. The album was recorded at Lush Studio’s in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia which has also seen artists such as Jason Bonham, Jimmy Barnes, Jeff Martin and The Red Paintings to name a few. Produced and mixed by Bernie Wedrat, Black Candy features ten tracks of uncompromising heavy sleaze rock with elements of punk, outlaw country and heavy metal. This is their follow up to their acclaimed debut album, This Side Of Hell, and displays an even wider range of musical influence coupled with their trademark uncompromising, non politically correct rock N’ roll.

Black Candy is also the first recording featuring the talents of new members Danny Sharkz on drums and Laggy on Guitars, who joined after the previous drummer and guitarist unceremoniously quit on the eve of the 2019 U.K tour. Together with original members, vocalist/lyricist Jay R and bass guitarist, Stacii Blake they have crafted ten tracks born out of the filthy underbelly of heavy rock.

The band has gained a reputation for not caring for trends and doing whatever they want musically regardless of consequence on their debut album and they continue that trend on Black Candy. From the high octane Southern metal influenced opener, Thunderbird to the pulsating sleaze of Choke to the Iggy Pop-esque ode to partying, Hammered, the album never lets up on it’s intensity.Nnot even on Bones In The Fire, a heavy metal soaked, outlaw country dirge. Explosive lead guitar work from Laggy peppers the album with his trademark screaming solo’s and huge, catchy riffs adding to the signature Snake Bite Whisky sound. Stacii Blake once again brings his dirty bass riffs, notably on Creep Show (an anthem for the outcasts of society), with murderous intent on the driving rhythm of Reload, Aim And Kill and with lots of fuzz and groove on the aforementioned, Hammered. Danny Sharkz brings a massive drum sound to the mix with tight rhythms and thunderous fills highlighted in tracks such as Raised In Hell, Sweet Cocaine and Dead By Dawn. Jay R once again draws from life experiences to paint a lyrical picture of the band’s debauched life. Everything from sex, revenge, drinking and hard living are covered across the ten tracks, at times delving into dark themes such as drug addiction on the epic album closer, End Of The Line and a man’s place in today’s politically correct society on Bones In The Fire.

So take a shot of Snake Bite Whisky in the form of Black Candy. This party is just getting started!

Black Candy | Released March 30th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Thunderbird | 02. Raised In Hell | 03. Creep Show | 04. Choke | 05. Bones In The Fire | 06. Reload, Aim, Kill | 07. Sweet Cocaine | 08. Hammered | 09. Dead By Dawn | 10. End Of The Line

Snake Bite Whisky are:
Jay R – Vocals | Laggy – Guitars | Stacii Blake – Bass | Dan “Sharkz” Weldon – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







  1. antichristmagazine.com

    They are dirty, they are loud, they are old school… and they have fun. Their music absolutely lacks tension or psychologic discomfort, “Black Candy” just relaxingly entertains without deep subconscious reflections or tragic and complicated nervousness …read more

  2. metal-line.cz

    Pak se neočekávaně zjeví parta v podstatě neznámých smradů z druhého konce světa a nakope vám prdel tak, že ani nevíte kam sáhnout pro heřmánkovou mast. Ani bych se nedivil, až se mi za týden zjeví u vrat, že mi to jdou vysvětlit osobně. Tohle jedovaté lízátko mě vážně velmi baví …read more

  3. metal-temple.com

    Overall, the strengths of the album are the bass melodies, hooks, and guitar sweeps. In true punk rock/MOTORHEAD fashion, the songs are short and have a traditional verse/chorus structure, but they’re full of flavor and spice fitting an album about an 80s rocker. Check them out if you want to rock and have a good time while listening …read more

  4. sammyplaysdirty.com

    Snake Bite Whisky son harina de otro costal. Una rareza de ensueño para un servidor, pues cuesta muchísimo localizar formaciones que practiquen Sleazy con ese grado de pureza. Agresivo, crudo y soez, el sonido de Snake Bite Whisky es la quintaesencia de un género que nació como el reverso desagradable del Hair Metal hollywoodiense …read more

  5. metal-roos.com.au

    Snake Bite Whiskey describe themselves as Australia’s number 1 badass motherf*****g sleaze rock band and based on their album Black Candy I agree …read more

  6. therockpit.net

    In between all of that you get a taste of real Punk and a slew of politically incorrect lyrics. This is Sleaze with a Metal edge and a Motorhead growl and the indefatigability of a speed demon …read more

  7. beautifulcarcrash.com

    Listening to this album is akin to receiving electroshock therapy after being on a 3 day cocaine binge. You may need to get a tetanus shot after listening to ‘Black Candy’, but it’ll be well worth it …read more

  8. metal.it

    Troverete in “Black Candy” tanto divertimento, ovviamente con tutte le imperfezioni e una quasi immobilità del sound che band del genere possono avere, soprattutto alla lunga distanza, ma se volete staccare da un turno lavorativo stressante o fregarvene di tutto e tutti, questo è il disco che fa per voi …read more

  9. confinedrock.com

    Por alguna razón, los veo en un cartel con Jackyl, en la que debería ser una gira espectacular. Este segundo disco debería acabar de abrirles algunas puertas, y si alguna vez salen de esa enorme isla para visitarnos, estaremos más que encantados de recibirles y disfrutarles. ¡Buen trabajo …read more

  10. lamyjazmin

    Snake Bite Whisky’s Black Candy is an album that would’ve been written if Motörhead had been an 80s party band with the influence of Steel Panther, added with the lethal concoction of punk angst, thrash metal impulses, and the fatal dash of any other drug other than speed …read more

  11. soilchronicles.fr

    En clair et en résumé : Snake Bite Whisky nous offre un putain de moment de rock ‘n’ roll, et cet album est à prendre comme tel, ni plus, ni moins …read more

  12. scienceofnoise.net

    Un nuevo y estupendo capítulo en la historia de Snake Bite Whisky, que por el momento es corta pero intensa, pero tiene todo a favor para que nos puedan brindar grandes momentos durante mucho tiempo …read more

  13. glitter2gutter

    The end result is Black Candy, a full-on sleazy/punky blast of heavy rock from Down Under that will have your head banging and your fists pounding from the moment the amps are kicked on …read more

  14. hardrockheavymetal.info

    After HAMMERED and DEAD BY DAWN, the second maybe a step behind, smart END OF THE LINE ends in the best way an album which you’ll appreciate …read more

  15. metal-integral.com

    Pour un rebelle amateur de distorsion et de rock brut, tel que moi, ce second album de SNAKE BITE WHISKY est une grande réussite …read more

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