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Nano 3000


01. Skeleton Scale | 02. Reefers Sting And Honey | 03. Most Hated Man In The Universe | 04. Sight Got Past | 05. Nano 3000 | 06. Shooting Stars | 07. Lethal And Armed | 08. Lunchtime Funeral

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Israeli metal band Sintax release their new opus, Nano 3000, worldwide via Sliptrick Records on February 2nd, 2021. The album tells a story of technologies rise against us and a dystopic prophecy taking in the subjects of anarchy, politics, religion, philosophy, war, sex and more. By combining heavy grooves, fast drums with surprising melody lines and group vocals, Nano 3000 has something for every metal fan.

Extremely heavy but melodic, Nano 3000 contains a lot of old school metal combined with a modern production and sound. Thrash riffs with a modern metal blend that have something of a heavy metal sensibility. Thrash vocals, technical playing and tremendous solo work run through the grooves of the album which has a bit of everything in a mix while staying unique to the Sintax style and their instantly recognizable sound.

Nano 3000 | Released February 2nd, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Skeleton Scale | 02. Reefers Sting And Honey | 03. Most Hated Man In The Universe | 04. Sight Got Past | 05. Nano 3000 | 06. Shooting Stars | 07. Lethal And Armed | 08. Lunchtime Funeral

Mixed and mastered: Mark Mynett – Mynetaur Productions | Drums recording: A.G. Studio TLV | Vocal Recordings: Lemmy Keller | Vocal Arrangement: Yehi Zaken / Yohai Davidoff | Guitar & Bass Recordings and album edits: Roi Illouz | Artwork: Nadav Halevi

Sintax are:
Yehi Zaken – Vocals | Roi Illouz – Guitar | Slava Kishka – Bass | Yoav Gruper – Guitar

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick








  1. metal-line.cz

    Teda, věděl jsem o SINTAX ještě před pár týdny úplný kulový prd. Ovšem to, co obsahuje „Nano 3000“, mě zcela nachytalo na švestkách s kalhotama u kolen. Tohle je vynikající metalová práce, ostrá jako samurajský meč, technicky přesná jako chirurgův skalpel a jedním dechem uvolněná a hravá jako puberťačky na výletě …read more

  2. theheadbangingmoose.com

    After listening to Nano 3000, not only you’ll realize how powerful the music by Sintax can be, but also that the Israeli metal scene seems to be getting stronger and stronger, with bands like Sintax proving once and for all first-class metal music is simply everywhere …read more

  3. metal-temple.com

    Their music can be compared as a violent Thrash Metal in a similar way to old SLAYER and METALLICA with some Groove/Thrash Metal touches in the vein of PANTERA and MORDRED, with an intense overload in aggressiveness and brutality (but always with a very good technical level). Their music sounds abrasive and truly aggressive, but with charming instrumental arrangements catchy choruses. One can say that this form of playing Thrash Metal is already known, but in the hands of this quintet, things sound alive and personal, fresh and bleeding energy …read more

  4. deadrhetoric.com

    Six years removed from Sway for a Better Day, Sintax deliver a tidy record with Nano3000 that balances modern groove/thrash musical content with the right hooks, riffing, and dynamic pacing to appease most followers of each movement …read more

  5. madeinmetal.es

    Una banda cargada de intensidad, thrash metal moderno con influencias que van desde Kreator hasta Flotsam and Jetsam y espero que con un gran futuro. El disco fue mezclado y masterizado por Mark Mynett de Mynetaur con producción de Yehi Zaken y Yohai Davidoff …read more

  6. antichristmagazine.com

    With this, I can’t say that Nano 3000 is fundamentally differs from Sway For A Better Day: yes, music became faster and much more evil, but it isn’t better or worse. Don’t get me wrong, the previous album was created by experienced musicians and raised the bar quite high. New album didn’t raise it higher but didn’t drop it in no case. Great, powerful and qualitative work …read more

  7. rozsdagyar

    A kritika végére értem és körülbelül a negyedik-ötödik meghallgatás után meg is született a tízes pontszám. A fentebb megfogalmazott gondolataimhoz visszatérve: a Sintax igazán megérdemelné, hogy a thrash metal legnagyobbjai között emlegessük őket …read more

  8. algoderock.com

    In short, this album could have been signed by Robb Flynn in its early days, Machine Head oozes from every pore, good work from the entire band on a vocal and instrumental level; It’s nice to see that in the old continent there are still more groups that practice this genre, good album …read more

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