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01. Magnitude | 02. The Liar’s Truth | 03. Nero Reborn | 04. Destroyer | 05. Atonement | 06. Tension | 07. Divine Prophecy | 08. Eternal

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Eternal is the second full-length album release from the Greek metal band, Simplefast and set for release worldwide via Sliptrick Records on February 21st. After 3 years since their last release ApocalypseSimplefast have returned with heavier and faster songs and a world-class production. The album is also the first work to feature the new singer in the group Yiannis Voulgaropoulos.

The 8 tracks which make up Eternal are ideal for heavy metal and thrash metal listeners, moreover they combine elements for a more modern metal sound. These are characterized by melodic and growly vocals with groovy drums and bass and a guitar duo, with smashing riffs, sharp solos and melodies filling the space. In their humble opinion, Simplefast consider the album, the “Magnum Opus” of the band.

Eternal was mixed by Simplefast and Markos Samaras at Wudsound Studios in Athens, Greece and mastered by Jay Maas in Boston, USA.

Eternal | Released on February 21st, 2020 via Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. Magnitude | 02. The Liar’s Truth | 03. Nero Reborn | 04. Destroyer | 05. Atonement | 06. Tension | 07. Divine Prophecy | 08. Eternal

Simplefast are:
Yiannis Voulgaropoulos – Vocals | Hector Stavrakas – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals | Panos Zorg – Lead Guitar | Nikolas Tzanavaras – Bass | Stratos Midelias – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | On Sliptrick








  1. allaroundmetal.com

    Ho scoperto una nuova promettente band, questi Simplefast credo siano in grado di dare una ventata di aria fresca ad un genere abbastanza tradizionalista come l’heavy/thrash o, quanto meno, di fare qualcosa di diverso dal solito e questo “Eternal” (dotato anche di splendida copertina!) ne è la valida dimostrazione. Date loro una chance …read more

  2. soilchronicles.fr

    Avec cet album, Simplefast nous surprend et nous rassure en même temps. Un Thrash Metal loin des conventions et mélangeant mélodie et agressivité …read more

  3. metal-temple.com

    Tempo-wise, they keep you guessing, like with the faster pace of the title track. Yiannis’ vocal effects and treatments in each section serve almost as different characters, his growl gradually turning into singing, then into almost a guttural vocal, then to a spoken section, then to a deranged slaver and back again. They play again with different instrumental breaks throughout, all of which are worthwhile and eminently listenable …read more

  4. rockway.gr

    Τα δύο τελευταία κομμάτια που κλείνουν το άλμπουμ είναι το επικό (έτσι το εκλαμβάνω εγώ ρε, κάνε μας τη χάρη) “Divine Prophecy” με το lead και τη μελωδία να κλέβουν την παράσταση, και το ομώνυμο “Eternal”, ένα καθαρόαιμο heavy metal “κρυφό διαμάντι”. Θα ήθελα να σταθώ λίγο στα φωνητικά και να πω πως παρόλο που δεν είναι ούτε υψίφωνα (κριτήριο για μερικούς), ούτε τραχιά, έχουν μία καθαρότητα και μία δυναμική που εντυπωσιάζει και φυσικά προσθέτουν ένα κλικ παραπάνω στις ήδη εξαιρετικές συνθέσεις …read more

  5. odymetal

    Un album plaisant pour amateurs de Heavy thrashisant, voire plus, qui mérite votre attention et dont on attend la suite …read more

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