Inner Struggle Of Self-Acceptance


01. Dreaming Reality | 02. Above The Languages Of Life | 03. Journey Into Self Reflection | 04. Of Love And Misgiving | 05. Choking In Hopeless Agony

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Italian progressive, avant-garde metal group Signs Of Human Race write songs that deal strongly with human psychology and feelings. Those core ideas are explored in depth on Inner Struggle Of Self-Acceptance, the band’s first full-length album. The album is made of five songs, each one having its own style, influence and meaning, showing the band’s sound evolution.

Track by track: (in the words of the band)
The first song, Dreaming Reality, refers to one of the singer’s favorite psychological topics: lucid dreaming. It talks about how our dreams are strictly connected to what we live each day and the possibility that reality is hidden inside our nocturnal visions.

Following this is Above The Languages Of Life, a song that explains the importance of non-verbal communication in social interactions.

The third track, called Journey Into Self Reflection, explores the mind of a person affected by different kinds of personality disorder and his attitude towards other people.

The fourth song is Of Love And Misgiving. It describes the feelings of a man who falls in love but hesitates to get involved in a relationship because of his fear of disappointments caused by strong human relations.

The last track is named Choking In Hopeless Agony and it’s an introspective song describing the feelings of a depressed person who has lost trust in the world and struggles between desperation and hope of a new beginning.

Inner Struggle Of Self-Acceptance | Released March 26th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Dreaming Reality | 02. Above The Languages Of Life | 03. Journey Into Self Reflection | 04. Of Love And Misgiving | 05. Choking In Hopeless Agony

Signs Of Human Race are:
Remek James Robertson – Vocals | Diego Lorenzi – Guitars | Davide Brighenti – Bass | Samuele Leonard Sereno – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick








    Diventa difficile scegliere un brano in particolare, ma direi che i dodici minuti conclusivi della bellissima Choking In Hopeless Agony possono tramutarsi facilmente nel sunto compositivo del questo ottimo lavoro, consigliato senza remore agli amanti del genere …read more


    Considering the average song-length tips the eight-minute and change mark, Signs of Human Race are not for the three-chord, radio-oriented market. When the band choose to get heavier and explosive, the intertwining of Gojira-ish jackhammer power and Dream Theater/Pink Floyd progressive art could be overwhelming to some, but brilliant and stunning for others. Between the sparse use of bluesy leads plus the combinations of time signature manipulation and push forward/ pull back instrumental shifts, Inner Struggle of Self-Acceptance can provide endless hours of dissection and consumption – the ultimate compliment for a progressive band …read more

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