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Shake The Temple


01. Huntsman | 02. The Devil’s Approach | 03. If You And I Could Make It | 04. Precious Lover | 05. Who I Am | 06. Late Indicator | 07. Martini | 08. Driven | 09. Fist Of Love

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Aussie rockers Shake The Temple will finally release their long awaited album after announcing their signing to Sliptrick Records. The self-titled album includes new tracks as well as previously unreleased songs that lead singer John Joseph wrote and toured with in previous bands including The Wild Highs and TANK.

Shake The Temple showcases the band’s deep set vintage hard rock and metal roots. Yet it goes deeper, unravelling the finer song crafting and melody inherent in the trio’s influences. Lead singer Joseph’s ability to deliver a power anthem is evident as is his knack in exploring darker social topics with moody melody and emotion. The album features the band’s debut single Huntsman as well as follow up singles Martini and the cosmic Who I Am.

The album was recorded at Bang Your Head Studio with mixing and mastering taking place at Sanderling Studio. Producion comes from Chris Hill and engineering was performed by Dave Emms and Chris Hill.

Shake The Temple | Released November 16th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Huntsman | 02. The Devil’s Approach | 03. If You And I Could Make It | 04. Precious Lover | 05. Who I Am | 06. Late Indicator | 07. Martini | 08. Driven | 09. Fist Of Love

Shake The Temple are:
John Joseph – Vocals/Guitar | Dave Emms – Drums | Damian Cutler – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick





  1. ironbackstage

    Typically made with various tempos Shake The Temple sounds like a good new band into your heavy metal face. The music is catching, enough melodic and even sometimes a little bit ‘aggressive’ if I can say so. Is it full of drive? Yes, you definitely will headbang while listening to this album. My personal hits are The Devil’s Approach and the Driven! Aussie rock metal scene still can kick ass …read more

  2. metal-roos.com.au

    So get your ears around some genuinely well-produced and fun music, no prancing, no pretense just 100% rock and roll, and really people that is this really all we want. However, you wrap it up that’s what we crave. So if you live in Australia and these guys are on the bill do yourself a big one and get to the gig, And if not you can still snatch that tennis racket moment again and throw some shapes around your bedrooms whilst you play it BLOODY loud …read more

  3. blattturbo.de

    Rauhe Vocals, wobei auch mal hohe Töne präsentiert werden, lassen diese Scheibe zu etwas ganz besonderen werden. Die Gitarren kommen hier grandios zur Geltung, sie schreddern mal wild und mal soft und lassen das Debütalbum meisterhaft klingen. Dazu noch eine harte und gute Prise Drums und einem Meisterwerk steht nichts mehr im Wege …read more

  4. velvetthunder.co.uk

    The band is very much a power trio led by the fast and frantic riffing of Joseph which combines perfectly with Cutler’s punchy bass rhythms with Emms keeping everything tight with a tightly controlled fury. The songs are all clever and incisive and delivered superbly with swathes of guitar and a great deal of harmony too …read more

  5. metal-temple.com

    On “Shake The Temple” the band tries to sound quite heavy and melodic and they are doing just fine with that. But to be quite honest, they sound their best when they become just that little more melodic. Best examples are “Who I Am”, “Martini” and especially “Late Indicator”, where they remind me of the Canadian band SANTERS. That’s when SHAKE THE TEMPLE really shines …read more

  6. saitenkult.de

    Joseph hat eine angenehme Rockstimme, die gut zu den Kompositionen passt und diese fast schon perfekt abrundet. Mit ´The Devil`s Approach´ liefern sie einen tollen Hit und mit dem bohrenden, fast schon Grunge-angehauchten ´If You And I Could Make It´ zeigt man seine musikalische Vielseitigkeit. Sehr geile Nummer …read more

  7. heavymag.com.au

    It is a stuttering journey through each of the musical decades visited by Shake The Temple over the course of the album, and if anything hints at a possibly heavier future direction. Bring it …read more

  8. hardrockinfo.com

    Australian hard rock/heavy metal trio SHAKE THE TEMPLE release their debut album, which consist of 7 tracks inspired by classic hard rock and heavy metal anthems, as well as some classic rock. This is absolutely not bad at all. I think you have to give these guys a try at least, because they have many good songs here …read more

  9. ffm-rock.de

    Herrlich erfrischender Hard Rock auf ideenreich kreativem Gestaltungslevel mit rockigen Grooves und feiner Melodievielfalt für Genrefans …read more

  10. themedianman

    “Fist Of Love,” gets itself into prime position, delivering the goods and handing out a vicious blow for all time …read more

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