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Severed Angel


01. Introspection | 02. In The Red | 03. Dogs Of War | 04. Severed Angel | 05. A New Beginning | 06. Wide Awake In Screamland | 07. Attachment Unavailable | 08. Number 8 | 09. With Wings Anew | 10. Square Hammer

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The songs on Severed Angel’s debut self-titled album are a collection of the first 9 songs they wrote together. The process of writing, recording, mixing and mastering the album was a 3-month long undertaking. In addition to these songs, the group have included their cover of Ghost’s Square Hammer.

Severed Angel was written, recorded and produced by all members of the band, with mixing by vocalist/guitarist Alex Repetti and mastering by Joel Wanasek. Severed Angel adapted influences from various bands such as (but not limited to) Helloween, Soilwork, Unearth, Dream Theater, and Fear Factory to create a modern melodic and progressive sound.

In a social landscape where talking heads in the mainstream focus on the negative for ratings, Severed Angel is the antithesis to that by writing songs of reflection, awareness, and empowerment.

Track Overview
The album starts with an instrumental called Introspection with spoken word from Combat and Thrash Or Die vocalist Ralph Viera before kicking in to In The RedDogs of War continues the sonic assault before pacing down with the band namesake Severed Angel prior to the ballad A New BeginningWide Awake In Screamland shows the band switching gears to a hard rock sound prior to the track Attachment Unavailable, discussing the negative aspects of dependency on social media for validation. Number 8 is then unleashed as a thrash metal song worthy of the Big 4. Closing the original portion of the album is With Wings Anew, a hymn that closes a trilogy suite that begins with Severed Angel and continues with A New Beginning. Finally, the album ends with their cover of Ghost’s Square Hammer (their first single).

01. Introspection | 02. In The Red | 03. Dogs Of War | 04. Severed Angel | 05. A New Beginning | 06. Wide Awake In Screamland | 07. Attachment Unavailable | 08. Number 8 | 09. With Wings Anew | 10. Square Hammer

Additional Musicians:
Ralph Viera – spoken word on “Introspection”
Gail Bourque – background vocals on “Severed Angel” and “A New Beginning”

Photography by James Dima

Severed Angel | Released May 2nd, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Severed Angel are:
Alex Repetti – Vocals/Guitar | Lou Mavs – Guitar/Vocals | George Dimitri – Bass Guitar | Marc Muchnik – Keyboards | Wayne Noon – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







  1. rockcastlefranken.de

    Es macht Spaß. Unter den regulären Songs gibt es musikalisch keinen einzigen Ausfall. Weiter so …read more

  2. ironbackstage

    Led by the compelling vocals of Alex Repetti, and supported by the stellar musicianship of Lou Mavs on guitar/vocals, George Dimitri on bass guitar, Marc Muchnik on keyboards, and Wayne Noon on drums, Severed Angel proves themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of melodic metal …read more

  3. deadrhetoric.com

    Severed Angel on this first album has put all sides forward in their sound – and there’s plenty of potential that should be fully realized as they gain more seasoning together. It’s not very often that you hear aspects of Dream Theater, Fear Factory, Soilwork, Helloween, and Unearth pulled together on one record – so those who want something a bit different in the melodic, modern, progressive metal realm this could be for you …read more

  4. rockyoushow.com

    Bottom line, it’s a very good album that offers something new to the genre, I’m really looking forward to hearing their future endeavors …read more

  5. spinditty.com

    The band’s influences include such acts as Dream Theater, Helloween, Iron Maiden, In Flames, and Stratovarius (to name just a few) and I’d feel safe recommending this combo to fans of any of those bands. Severed Angel are melodic without sounding wimpy; and symphonic without coming off pretentious or overblown …read more

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