Nightmares Come True


01. You Are Heroin | 02. Killers Combine | 03. Master Of No-Life | 04. The Disregardful | 05. Nightmares Come True | 06. It's All Wrong | 07. Vices | 08. Can't Erase My Scars

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The new album from Serial Vice is entitled Nightmares Come True The album was composed between 2013 to 2016, recorded during the winter 2015 and refined in 2016 at the NewStars Rec. Studios, in Torre Lapillo (Lecce). The album was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Angelo Emanuele Buccolieri. Now the Italian metal band are ready to unleash Nightmares Come True via Sliptrick Records in all the usual digital formats. Their album contains songs that are a powerful mix of classic metal riffs and melodic choruses, with a cohesive combination of influences (from Hard Rock to Thrash Metal, from Doom to Power).

In Nightmares Come True, there are eight tracks which shows each side of the Serial Vice’s metal: Classic Heavy Metal ideas, played with a fresh and modern sound. Lyrics are composed trying to create a strange concept about what can be defined vice in our society. And so, not just normal vices such as drugs (You Are Heroin), but we can consider also vices the lust of killing (Killers Combine and It’s All Wrong), hate (The Disregardful), death (Master Of No-Life) and love (the instrumental title track Nightmares Come True and the outro Can’t Erase My Scars).

Nightmares Come True | Released October 10th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. You Are Heroin | 02. Killers Combine | 03. Master Of No-Life | 04. The Disregardful | 05. Nightmares Come True | 06. It’s All Wrong | 07. Vices | 08. Can’t Erase My Scars

All arrangements are by Serial Vice. Keys on track 8 are composed and played by Andrea Pinnella Rizzo.
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Angelo Emanuele Buccolieri at NewStars. Recording Studios (Torre Lapillo, LE) in winter 2015.

Serial Vice are: 
Giacomo Albanese – Vocals | Matteo Cirfeda – Guitar | Andrea Donaera – Guitar | Alessandro Scorrano – Drums | Stefano Bianchini – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube








    Heavy riffs, heavy vocals and groovy songs that whole album is pure love and happiness for your ears. The influences are so varied you will find many from Megadeth, Ravenscroft,Black Label Society, Meliah Rage, St Madness, Axxion, Skid Row, Bonfire…It has that rockin attitude that kick right in the butt and you will love without wondering because it is simply a pure joy …read more

  2. vianocturna2000

    Os Serial Vice são uma banda de Heavy Metal não muito tradicional. Isto porque não se pode considerar que os italianos sigam os padrões habituais do estilo uma vez que têm elevados níveis de criatividade. Elemento provado em It’s All Wrong ou a instrumental Nightmares Come True de onde certas bandas conseguiriam fazer um álbum inteiro, e que devido às sucessivas alterações rítmicas, chega a soar a progressivo. Progressivo que em certos pontos toca o power metal germânico. Ou que em momentos mais agressivos atinge os guturais, num álbum sempre em crescendo que acaba por terminar com uma espécie de descanso do guerreiro. O que é certo, é que Nightmares Come True acaba por saber a pouco devido ao seu curto tempo. Ainda assim a estreia dos Serial Vice acaba por ser uma agradável surpresa …read more


    Ci sono alcune cose da smussare e rifinire, alcuni minuti di troppo in certi pezzi, alcune parti ridondanti e alcune linee vocali (e impostazione di Giacomo) che consiglieremmo, in futuro, di rivedere, ma complessivamente questo disco è bello così com’è: grezzo e potente …read more

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