Seasons Of Hatred


01. Minutes Of Hatred | 02. Years Of Rage | 03. Day Of Punishment | 04. Dagon | 05. Mind Control | 06. Out Of This World | 07. The Outer Lords | 08. The End Of All Days

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Rusty Nails new album Seasons Of Hatred is a modern heavy metal album. The main theme played around with is Hate and the whole album revolves around the concepts of hatred, anger and disappointment. The Love generation has failed and the next generation will be made up by those who have lost all hope and are tired of being fooled by politicians, employers and lovers. Now is time to get shit done, no matter how!

From the musical side, the album is dominated by fast-paced raging riffs which often subside into a less hurried, more controlled beats. Steaming upfront lyrics entwine with searing guitar solos, creating a weave that brings reminiscences of the 80’s but also adds a 21st century kick to the mixture. Seasons Of Hatred is prime time Rusty Nails at their best.

Track By Track Breakdown:
After the intro track Minutes Of Hatred, the albums opening song is Years Of Rage. Its lyrics are a clear tribute to George Orwell’s 1984: “Ministry of Truth is lying all the way”. This song inspired the album’s cover, which is also a representation of an Orwellian scene.

Day Of Punishment follows. Here the listener will meet Charon, the dark ferryman of Hades who carries damned souls to eternal retribution.

Dagon is another literature inspired song with lyrics spawning from the Lovecraft cosmogony and has a pretty sinister interlude.

Mind Control was originally the title-track of Rusty Nails’ 2011 EP. It represents the trait d’union with the band’s past. It also contains another hint of Orwell.

Out Of This World explores the inner thoughts of an “old boy”: he does not belong to “modern” society. His peers are lesser and empty. He should have been born in another time and another place.

The Outer Lords is an articulate song, in which lyrics and riffs overlap to take the listener on an epic interstellar ride.

The End Of All Days is the closing song of the album. It takes place during the time of the Spanish Conquistadors, taking a peek at the last breaths of a dying civilization.

Seasons Of Hatred | Released on March 20th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Minutes Of Hatred | 02. Years Of Rage | 03. Day Of Punishment | 04. Dagon | 05. Mind Control | 06. Out Of This World | 07. The Outer Lords | 08. The End Of All Days

Recorded at RedWall Studios (Livorno, Italy) by Nicola Capitini. Mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studios (Rome, Italy) by Stefano Morabito. Produced by Rusty Nails. Additional keyboards on Track 1 by Luca Guidi (New Horizons, Fall of Darkness)

Rusty Nails are:
Paolo Billi – Vocals | Claudio Della Bruna – Rhythm Guitar | Matteo Santoni – Lead Guitar | Federico Viviani – Drums | Alessandro Crecchi – Bass

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    Okay, this was not as thrashy as I had hoped and wished for but it is still in that ball park but not pure thrash. There are elements of power and heavy metal in RUSTY NAILS’ sound. For some strange reason I get some Blind Guardian vibes from this. Weird. But that is alright with me as this is a solid metal album …read more


    Davvero… non mi aspettavo di esaltarmi fino a livelli testosteronico-adolescenziali. Mi avete fatto sentire come un tempo, quando scartavo un vinile e mi batteva il cuore nell’appoggiarvi sopra (sul cuore e sul disco) la testina del giradischi. Bravissimi. Bra-vis-si-mi …read more

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