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01. We Will Rise | 02. From Beyond | 03. No More | 04. Forgotten | 05. Pulse | 06. Anthropophagite | 07. Day Of Reckoning



Finnish industrialists Project Silence return with their first new material in 2 years with the maxi-EP Infinity to be released online via Sliptrick Records on September 28th. Infinity is a return to the band’s roots, featuring more industrial sounds fused to electro-metal elements, at the same time the maxi-EP contains some of the bands heaviest and fastest tracks to date, mixing technical death, black and industrial metal that will please fans of Decapitated, Dimmu Borgir and Fear Factory.

Infinity | Released September 28th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. We Will Rise | 02. From Beyond | 03. No More | 04. Forgotten | 05. Pulse | 06. Anthropophagite | 07. Day Of Reckoning

All music and lyrics by Delacroix except: Music in From Beyond by J, S, Delacroix and Pulse by S, Delacroix
Arrangement by Project Silence. Produced by Project Silence. Recorded 03/2018-05/2018 at Silence Bunker with Sturmpanzerjäger, Delacroix. Mixed and mastered By Sturmpanzerjäger. Cover By Blackdotx.

Project Silence are:
Delacroix – Vocals/Keyboards/Programming | J – Guitar | S – Guitar | Silve_R – Drums | Sturmpanzerjäger – Bass/Backing vocals

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Soundcloud | On Sliptrick






  1. DiSoRdErBitcH

    The release is undoubtedly the best one from them yet, majority songs on this are intense, fast, brutal and dark and yet really melodic as industrial usually tends to be. The beat in the songs like From Beyond makes it impossible not to head-bang to, along to the songs catchy structure and same goes to Anthropophagite. All songs have many specific things I could tell you about, but the best way to experience it is to check the EP out. So all in all Infinity is definitely great release which everyone who enjoys industrial or are into death metal, black metal should check it out …read more

  2. ringmasterreviewintroduces

    In many ways Project Silence has taken the strongest and most adventurous ingredients from their previous releases to breed the rousing exploits of Infinity but there are just as plenty fresh and new elements which keep the band as one of the most exciting proposals within industrial and indeed extreme meta …read more

  3. soundscapemagazine.com

    If you haven’t familiarised yourself with this talented band yet, then this is a very good starting point. It’s a powerfully engaging EP, and a release you will keep wanting to return to …read more

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