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The Power Of…


Track Listing:
01. Chaos Machine | 02. Unavoidable | 03. Dazzled | 04. Cosmic | 05. Procrastination | 06. Alone | 07. Hideout | 08. Philosopher's Stoned | 09. Insane | 10. Last Breath

Download: 10 MP3 tracks at 320 kbps


Post-Prog and Melodic Death Metal blended into one incendiary meat-grinder of a band. Precipitation’s debut album The Power Of.. is a dirty work of art straight from the engine of Europe, Germany.

Being a death metal fan, this album got me excited a lot and it did not disappoint me in any way.

The first thing that shocked me is that the intro track had a more blues style guitar solos, and I thought someone mis-genred the band, but the subsequent tracks proved me wrong. Most songs start with a clean guitar part, and that does give a characteristic feel to the songs, even though the beginnings to the songs tend to get a bit repetitive and can sound the same if you listen to the album a few times in a row.

The recording quality of the album is superb, the instruments are clearly heard in all times and even the most complicated riffs are heard nicely and all notes are fluid going. The guitars are not destroyed by compression and are sharp with the distortion and even the clean guitars sound great, and even a bit jazz/blues sound in the clean guitar. The bass is a bit inaudible, but it is a great filler in the riffs and since the riffs do not give a lot of room for the bass to stand out. The drums are mixed in perfectly, the accentuation in the riffs are great and that is a thing not really heard in modern metal today.

All in all, the album is great, and if you are into some more modern death metal/melodic death metal this is certainly for you, and it will shock you at the first listen. I give this album a 8.5/10.
Written by Nikola Milošević for DutchMetalManiac

Track Listing:
01. Chaos Machine | 02. Unavoidable | 03. Dazzled | 04. Cosmic | 05. Procrastination | 06. Alone | 07. Hideout | 08. Philosopher’s Stoned | 09. Insane | 10. Last Breath

Current line-up:
Alex Root – Vocals/Bass | Till Bade – Guitar | Daniel Roth – Guitar | Felix Bade – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube






  1. therocktologist.com

    This should be held as a lesson for any death metal band just now – if you want to shine do something different, challenge yourself and the listener, and reap the rewards. I’m not a fan of relentless growls but I don’t mind them when they are spiced up with some really intelligent work around, between and among them …read more

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