01. Gunnerside | 02. Flying High | 03. Notörious | 04. Have A Good Time | 05. Friday Night | 06. I Walked In | 07. Run For Your Life | 08. Seducer | 09. Summer Nights | 10. Tonight (Gonna Get It)

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Glamorized, from Norwegian hard rock/glam metal band Notörious, is full of catchy riffs, high pitched vocals, screaming guitar solos and every chorus makes you wanna sing along and party like there’s no tomorrow. Reviewers have previously compared lead singer Chris Höudini with Klaus Meine of Scorpions and guitar player Nikki DiCato with Yngwie Malmsteen and with these two dynamic elements combined with a strong rhythm section makes this album a heavy metal freight train full of energy.

Glamorized will take the listener on a journey through every aspect of the glam metal genre, from the hard hitting opener Gunnerside through the more softer keyboard driven ballad Summer Nights. The band is primarily inspired by legendary groups such as Mötley Crüe, Van Halen (not Van Hagar), Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Europe, Skid Row and Poison, etc. and being a Norwegian band, they also draw inspiration from the black metal scene and incorporate some elements of this into their own music adding spice to the mix. Glamorized is released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on March 31st.

The album was mixed and mastered by producer Dag Erik Nygaard at Bergen Lydstudio.

Glamorized | Released March 31st, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Gunnerside | 02. Flying High | 03. Notörious | 04. Have A Good Time | 05. Friday Night | 06. I Walked In | 07. Run For Your Life | 08. Seducer | 09. Summer Nights | 10. Tonight (Gonna Get It)

Notörious are:
Chris Höudini – Lead Vocals | Nikki DiCato – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals | Andy Sweet – Bass/Backing Vocals | Freddy Kixx – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick









    It’s an album full of catchy hooks, upbeat music and happy lyrics about having fun and being awesome. It’s a very poppy approach to metal, but in a good way …read more

  2. vianocturna2000

    os Notörious assumem-se como um dos nomes mais fortes do cenário glam atual com um disco que respeita todos os cânones do género e que se torna cada vez mais interessante à medida que se avança na audição …read more


    Pur esprimendo le “solite” riserve sulla mancanza di una personalità pienamente autoctona, concludo la disamina di “Glamorized” con un incoraggiante plauso ai Notörious, debuttanti di buon livello in un ambito assai competitivo e diffusamente emulativo …read more


    In Glamorized i norvegesi Notörious si danno sfacciatamente al glam metal e all’hard rock. Si divertono, danno spettacolo e non disdegnano alcuni virtuosismi e citazioni particolarmente ricercati e affascinanti. Ciò che ne esce è un disco convincente e avvincente …read more


    NOTÖRIOUS have written and released a great Hard Rock album with tons of great melodies, vocal lines, guitar riffs and solos, bass and drum sound. It will definitely make the hard rockers going wild and insane out there. They did it …read more


    Heb je zin om een dik half uur even wat positieve energie op te doen en wil je eens wat anders dan al die bands die tegenwoordig vooral teren op hun naamsbekendheid, heb je hier een prima album te pakken …read more


    Na gut, große Innovationen gibt es nicht aber dafür viel Spaß und ordentlich Rock’n’Roll voll auf die Zwölf. Wer das sucht, der ist hier genau richtig …read more


    This album is a goddamned direct hit that is tremendously fun and sure to boost beer sales at every party. Hair metal fans who like it a bit harder and are not completely unknown to bands like CONFESS should definitely write this album on their shopping list. I sincerely hope that I will hear a lot from Chris Höudini, Nikki DiCato, Andy Sweet and Freddy Kixx …read more


    Mit dynamischen Rhythmus Elementen einer sägenden Gitarrenfraktion haben die Norweger etliches parat, um den tristen Alltag zu vergessen. In der derzeitigen Situation kommen diese unbekümmerten, aufwühlenden Spaßnummern gerade richtig. Ansteckungsgefahr groß und hierbei pflanzen uns die Norweger ein Lächeln auf die Lippen und das bietet eine wunderbare Abwechslung aufgrund der ernsten Situation derzeit …read more

  10. TheDirtyRoom

    I was born in 1970 and was lucky to spend my teen years in the 80’s and this album is everything an old crusty bastard like me can ask for. I give a huge horn up salute to the band for making a phenomenal album and not only keeping the flame of 80’s metal alive but carrying it into the future and ensuring that this music will never die …read more


    Glamorized is the just unleashed magnum opus from Notörious via Sliptrick Records, jam-packed infectious hard rocking anthems that will pulsate rapturously in your head long for the rock and roll ages ahead …read more


    …everything is done so well that the whole album becomes an unstoppable hair metal force, an undeniable lesson in rocking and rolling that I’m glad I enrolled for… The attention to detail is staggering, and yet at no point does the band surrender their soul in favour of mere sterilised apery. This, then, is a very modern version of the real deal. And I like it …read more

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