Neon Light District


01. Another Kind Of Love | 02. Neon Angel | 03. Love Addiction | 04. Are You There? | 05. City Is Sleeping | 06. World On Fire | 07. Night Tripper | 08. Simon

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Neon Light District is the electrifying debut album from Finnish hard rockers Neon Angel set for release via Sliptrick Records on September 8th. The album has a solid foundation in the glory days of 80’s hard rock, updating that classic sound to the 2020’s. Neon Light District contains a plethora of finely crafted melodies, striking riffs and stadium worthy choruses that are sure to knock down some walls.

The album consists of eight diverse tracks from the Neon Angel canon that are bound to leave a lasting impression. The energetic drive of songs like Love Addiction and Night Tripper gets the listener instantly in the right mood for a reckless night out. And whether it’s World On Fire (a “Mad Max” inspired heavy rock anthem for all you doomsday preppers out there) or the gripping power ballad Simon (a tale of obsession and unrequited love), the listener is in for a treat.

Born out of fiery passion for rock’n’roll, Neon Light District aims to inspire and empower music lovers worldwide in the middle of these troubled times. It is an album dedicated to rockers, rebels and other outcasts. From the streets, stories of the city!

Neon Light District | Released September 8th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Another Kind Of Love | 02. Neon Angel | 03. Love Addiction | 04. Are You There? | 05. City Is Sleeping | 06. World On Fire | 07. Night Tripper | 08. Simon

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Arttu Sarvanne at Studio Watercastle.

Neon Angel are:
Johanna Eteläkari – Vocals | Tuomas Saari – Guitar | Juho Savikurki – Synth | Tomas Kurki – Bass | Johannes Lahti – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick








    ”Neon Light Districtiin” kannattaa ehdottomasti tutustua, mikäli haluaa levylautaselleen tasokkaan näytteen kasarivaikutteisesta hard rock-levystä …read more


    Bändi rokkaa ja solisti revittelee ihan huolella ihan kuin 80-luvun jälkeen ei musiikki olisi kehittynyt lainkaan. Vuosikymmenen ikävimmät kliseetkin vältetään, joten retroilun sijasta koko homma kuulostaa oikein freesiltä …read more


    If you are looking for something to take you back to a simpler time, then this album is for you! Within the first ten seconds of the first track, “Another Kind Of Love”, the feel of 80s Hard Rock is very apparent, almost as if you had stepped into a time machine. NEON ANGEL will surely take you on a journey, maybe not quite as cool as the time travel just mentioned, but a journey that is definitely worth traveling. This album is full of ballads of love and a little rebellion, which isn’t that surprising for this style of rock. Love is always a great topic, especially when it’s the inspiration of the music you’re listening to …read more


    Mir als Fan dieses Genres ist mit diesem Album jedenfalls ein neuer Meilenstein ins Nest gefallen. Man darf nach diesem Debut auf kommendes gespannt sein. Auftrag bestens ausgeführt meine Herren und Dame. Gerne weiter so …read more


    Overall, highly energetic heavy hitting hard rock, Neon Angel have made a huge impression with their debut album …read more


    Mit “Neon Light District” haben Neon Angel ein beeindruckendes Debüt veröffentlicht. Der Geist der 80er Jahre wird eindrucksvoll in das Hier und Jetzt gehievt. Zu diesem ganzen 80er Feeling passt das Album-Cover mit der in Leder gekleideten vollbusigen jungen Rockerin wie die Faust aufs Auge. Ich kann dieses Album jedem Rock-Fan wärmstens ans Herz legen …read more


    From the first note of the intro “Neon Angel” can easily cause some nostalgia: the sound of synths chosen so great in this song. Add some pretty fast pace, catchy chorus and as a result you’ll get a real hit …read more


    Donc oui, premier jet pour ce quintet Finlandais qui nous sort une petite merveille de hard rock à côté de laquelle il serait vraiment très con de passer! Personnellement, je vous aurai prévenu …read more

  9. rockvibrationsofficial

    Em 8 faixas, imprimem sua qualidade e destreza com temas recorrentes dos amantes da vertente, além de terem uma pegada bem legal para o que estão propondo …read more

  10. hardrockheavymetal

    Fine melodic hard rock with a contemporary twist …read more

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