Noise Treatment


01. Rhabdoviridae | 02. The Burden Of Progress | 03. Noise Treatment | 04. Parameters Of Disorder | 05. Nato Per Essere Veloce | 06. Clear The Code!

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Italian grindcore masters Neid have recorded a special 10 year anniversary 7″ Vinyl EP and we have it available exclusively at Shop SliptrickNoise Treatment comes in vinyl and online formats with the physical version being a limited edition priced at 9.99 EUR (incl. shipping). The EP contains 6 blistering tracks of trademark brutality and is an absolute must have for fans of the band. So if you need a copy, better move fast!

“Ten years ago Neid from Italy released their first EP and to celebrate this anniversary the five guys are presenting a 7″ EP including five own creations plus a cover track of an Italian Hardcore band called Crash Box. The title Noise Treatment speaks for itself. Eight minutes of entertaining Grindcore in the vein of, above all, Nasum. Technically versed supported by a powerful sound Neid are not showing any kinds of tiredness or boring moments. The trick is to play six songs in eight minutes without ending up in total chaos or edge-less noise. In fact I have been listening to this EP in heavy rotation and it is still not boring me at all. Shrieking and grunting vocals, fast but also interspersed mid-tempo drumming, sometimes riffs reminding of the early days of Grindcore, sometimes modern, a littler bit melodic guitar leads, an audible bass… everything you need to knock up a superb Grindcore dinner.”
Mirco Szymyslik for Voices From The Darkside

“The ability to grasp the lines of force that define grindcore is just one of the most immediate qualities of the work carried out over time by the Italians Neid. The dynamic tension that emerges from the new 7″ is a measure of an indomitable energy, of an expressiveness which in its unlimited extension tells of the fractures in a world full of horrors. This “Noise Treatment” is a sort of diary on which notes their first decade of life on the extreme scene, but it is also a fleeting flash of memory capable of illuminating the fragments of years lived for their music. Do not make the mistake of underestimating them.” [English translation]
Son Of Flies webzine

Noise Treatment | Released February 2nd, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Rhabdoviridae | 02. The Burden Of Progress | 03. Noise Treatment | 04. Parameters Of Disorder | 05. Nato Per Essere Veloce | 06. Clear The Code!

Neid are:
Renato Lucandri – Vocals | Angelo Vernati – Guitar | Giacomo Calevi – Guitar | Andrea Corsetti – Drums | Stefano Cardoni – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube

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    Dopo dieci anni di carriera, i Neid tornano più incazzati che mai. Buon compleanno, e bentornati! …read more


    In the blink of an eye, the blasts stop and you are thrown amidst the chaos of a slow chugging finale, the sounds that permeate your ear-drums being ominous and slowly pounding. It is obvious to me that this is great and I think everyone into grind and any other form of extreme music should check this one out …read more

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