Downfall And Torment


01. The Edge Of An Endless Waterfall | 02. Through A Lake Of Damnation | 03. Blood, Death And Silence | 04. Tidal Blight | 05. Demon In The Snow | 06. Obscure Rains | 07. Curse Of The Thaw | 08. Downfall And Torment | 09. Breath Of The Northern Winds

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From thunderous mountain peaks to the lightless depths of the ocean, Nanga Parbat’s very first album Downfall And Torment, aims to recreate the fragile and yet magical feeling of uncertainty that inhabits every human soul. In a world on the brink of destruction, nature’s last forces orchestrate a powerful choir, full of hatred and aggression. All creation speaks through the rhythms, the strings and the throats of the group that play the role of ancient poets, awakened by nature’s suffering.

Downfall And Torment is the inevitable fate of human conscience, overwhelmed by his own evolution since too ravenous of power. A fall through the endless flow of his own agony. A narration of each side of the story, from the human misery to the nature belligerence and rebirth. The endless torment that man inflicts upon himself and everything he touches. Wild beasts assume the role of cosmic guardians, defending what is left, protecting what will come to be. By tooth and claw, they will destroy the enemies they so despise and through their eyes the history of time will be told once again.

The album is an epic journey that will lead the listener through real and rough emotions. The band believes they have channeled all their passion for the most pristine and pure side of the natural world. Green plains, volcanic landscapes and putrid bogs are thus waiting to be discovered from the listeners that will have the will and the spirit to withstand a barrage of growls, heavily distorted guitars and surgical placed drum rhythms.

Downfall And Torment opens with an endless waterfall, a peaceful start to the journey that will completely change the listener’s perspective on the natural forces that make up the entirety of our universe. Every track is carefully placed in order to convey the very idea of change through suffering. The album culminates with the title track, an epic song inspired by William Shakespeare and his magnum opus Macbeth, alongside with all the classical and Shakespearean theatre notions and rules. The history of the Scottish king will symbolize the greed that dominates most human minds, a greed so strong that inhabits the soul at its very core. Greed will ultimately be the demise of our protagonist; he will pay the ultimate price for his crimes and his malevolent intentions. The song presents both intricate metal riffs, representing the chaos which permeates our story, and beautiful orchestral pieces, giving one last tiny hope through all the pain and suffering that this tune narrates.

Nanga Parbat has worked with the finest professionals in the Italian music business to bring forth a true musical gem. Every sound has been carefully chosen, every string tuned to perfection, every cymbal polished with care. All of these efforts can be appreciated in the album’s sound: majestic, aggressive and full of different soundscapes, masterfully created by the band.

Downfall And Torment is strongly based on guitars, riffs and typical structures of the classic Death metal progressive genre revisited in a modern key. The influence of classical symphonic music (Mozart, Wagner, Tchaivkosky) as well as the Baroque-polyphonic music (Bach, Vivaldi) is very important, and emerges both in the compositional and in the instrumental choices. The album is in fact enriched by an orchestral quartet composed of double-bass, cello, viola and violin on which the musician and orchestrator Francesco Ferrini (Piano and orchestras for Fleshgod Apocalypse, collaborator and orchestra arranger for Dimmu Borgir) worked. Concerning the full-length production, the band decided to entrust Marco Cinghio Mastrobuono (Kick Recording Studio) and Fabrizio Ludovici (Bloom Recording Studio) for the recording process.

Downfall And Torment | Released March 23rd, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. The Edge Of An Endless Waterfall | 02. Through A Lake Of Damnation | 03. Blood, Death And Silence | 04. Tidal Blight | 05. Demon In The Snow | 06. Obscure Rains | 07. Curse Of The Thaw | 08. Downfall And Torment | 09. Breath Of The Northern Winds

Produced and Engineered by Nanga Parbat and Marco Mastrobuono
Mixed and Mastered by Marco Mastrobuono
Recorded at Kick Recording Studio, Rome
Additional recording at Bloom Recording Studio with Fabrizio Ludovici and Francesco Delogu
Additional Engineer: Matteo Gabbianelli

Featured Guests:
Davide Straccione – Guest Vocals
Edoardo Taddei – Guest Electric Guitar
Vittoria Nagni – Guest Violin
Fabiana Testa – Guest Acoustic Guitar
Francesco Ferrini – Orchestra Production
Martin Vincent – Narrator

Nanga Parbat are:
Andrea Pedruzzi – Growl and clean Vocals | Flavio Cicconi – Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar | Edoardo Sterpetti – Electric Guitar/Orchestration | Enrico Sandri – Bass Guitar | Giulio Galati – Drums

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    All their orchestral arrangements and spiraling atmospheric patterns sound like a whirlpool of musical ideas and hyperemotions, so tense in their structural creation, but in the same time so lightweight in the spiritual context (like the best of Kataklysm opposes the late Amorphis). So this constant extreme vs. melodic amid the thick layer of progressive background really splendidly carries on all the time …read more


    “Downfall And Torment” is very well produced and certainly is empowering, extraordinary, and exquisite. It gives listeners a lot of reasons to come back and listen over and over. There is definitely a lot of variety in the playing and the musicianship is top notch. NANGA PARBAT made a great work of art and they are definitely on my list to see live whenever it becomes possible …read more


    Chiudendo la recensione avete capito che “Downfall and Torment” è un disco diverso dalla massa, difficilmente inquadrabile, ma dotato di un’anima unica. Le svariate sfaccettature possono rendere diffidenti i fan di molti sottogeneri, ma ad un ascolto attento e ripetuto le canzoni restano e lasciano il segno. Una produzione inoltre di tutto rispetto e tutta italiana ad opera di Marco Mastrobuono, che grazie anche all’uso di un quartetto d’archi vero, ad opera di Francesco Ferrini dei Fleshgod Apocalypse, riesce ad elevare ulteriormente il grado stilistico di questo prodotto …read more


    All I can say now is that this was an incredible album, loved all the guitar solos and the drumming is underestimated compared to the other instruments but the classical elements are memorable. I do appreciate this album for what it says to me and it certainly is empowering, extraordinary and exquisite …read more


    Look I’m not saying that Downfall and Torment is the best album of the year – it’s only the band’s debut after all (though, going in blind, you might be hard pressed to tell that) – but it’s really good. Good in the way you feel in your bones and all the way down to your toes. Good in the way that immediately says “this is a band to watch” …read more


    Il disco, forte di un death metal sinfonico, risente di una notevole influenza classica e barocca che apporta, al di là di uno stile personalissimo ed eccelso della band, quel giusto approccio da cui in sostanza tutto è cominciato. Per quanto mi riguarda, nell’ambito di questo genere, è al momento uno dei migliori dischi dell’anno made in Italy …read more


    We’ve already had a handful of magnificent progressive metal albums this year, and this one deserves warm praise for its imagination and poise. Nanga Parbat can be proud of their achievement on this record. This is the sound of a band that can glimpse their future greatness ahead …read more


    “Downfall and Torment” is a unit and deserves to be listened as such. Thanks to the well-crafted, professional mix and production, all details can be heard, and there’s a lot to discover. All musicians show high technical skills, melted together by creative song-writing. NANGA PARBAT are an exciting new band for me, and considering that “Downfall and Torment” is a debut album makes it even more impressive. Fans of progressive / melodic death metal shouldn’t sleep on it and jump on their epic journey …read more


    Το “Downfall And Torment” είναι ένα άλμπουμ ισχυρό, δυνατό και δυναμικό. Καταφέρνει να κρατήσει το ενδιαφέρον τού ακροατή από την αρχή μέχρι το τέλος, διοχετεύοντας του την ατμόσφαιρα τής φύσης που αντιστέκεται με όλη της τη δύναμη …read more


    Der Debütstreich von Nanga Parbat lässt definitiv aufhorchen. «Downfall And Torment» ist eine bockstarke Platte, die todesmetallische, symphonisch und progressive Klangwelten geschickt miteinander verknüpft und dadurch meisterhaftes Liedgut hervorbringt …read more


    Auf „Downfall And Torment“ kann man also gute Ansätze und ein paar echte feine Songs finden, für die Spitzenklasse reicht es für NANGA PARBAT so noch nicht – aber nachdem es erst das Debütalbum der Italiener ist, kann man sich von hoffentlich noch folgenden Scheiben vielleicht noch mehr erwarten …read more


    In conclusione, il debutto dei Nanga Parbat è sì uno struggente omaggio alla Svezia degli anni ’90, enciclopedico e ricco di particolari, ma è anche un percorso interiore, in cui musica e parole creano una potente struttura narrativa che, al pari di grandi opere letterarie, ci permette di immedesimarci nelle sue tematiche, raccontando anche un po’ di ognuno di noi …read more


    Nanga Parbat spielen auf ihrem Debüt-Album Downfall And Torment einen großen Teil der Progressive Death Metal-Szene an die Wand. Das liegt nicht zuletzt daran, dass die Band trotz ihrer Liebe zum Detail immer darauf achtet, dass ihre Songs eingängig und geradlinig bleiben. Starke Leistung der Italiener und hoch verdiente 9 / 10 …read more


    The album has the virtue of generating in certain moments really overwhelming environments accompanied by the guitar, in which the main guitar gives those melodies that take you out of that environment. In short, a good album for fans of the style, that in each listen you like it more and more for all the technical contributions and nuances …read more


    Nanga Parbat supo cómo entregarnos un primer producto de calidad con diferentes sabores e intenciones que lo harán un disco memorable pese a sus tropiezos, por eso considero este como el principio de un increíble futuro musical que les espera a estos italianos, pues estoy casi seguro que lo que sea que venga después de ellos enamorará al mundo …read more

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