Light The Skies Electric


01. Loadout | 02. All I Am (Am I) | 03. Burn Me On | 04. Beyond Our Horizon | 05. Cosmic I | 06. Beneath Broad Sails | 07. Carousel

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“Revels of soul; this is righteousness in full form.” A debut album that personifies the thunderous, articulate roar dwelling deep in an atmospheric space of soaring heart-stopping vocals. A “blurred line between hard rock and modern metal.” Light The Skies Electric delivers what generations of music has forged into the rise of a modern classic.

Following on from their 2018 self-titled debut Ep, American psycho-doom rock group Mudd Flux releases their first full length album Light The Skies Electric. The album delivers all the expectations of what this intense live group brings to the stage. From the thunderous combination of classic metal and post-modern rock the bands unique take on a progressive doom sound is typified by the first single from the album, Carousel.

Mudd Flux made this statement; “The title of the album Light The Skies Electric was chosen to personify the electrifying atmosphere of our live show and what our fans have come to expect each time they attend. Our thoughts when writing this album were never genre based, as we write in a style that best represents the intent of the lyrics and music. From the aggression of Loadout and Carousel to the sentimental Cosmic I and further beyond with the stoner-rock songs Beneath Broad Sails and Beyond Our Horizon. Each track evolves into the live show, bringing the fans closer to us and certainly out of the mundane music repetition they often endure.”

Light The Skies Electric | Released on December 10th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Loadout | 02. All I Am (Am I) | 03. Burn Me On | 04. Beyond Our Horizon | 05. Cosmic I | 06. Beneath Broad Sails | 07. Carousel

Recorded in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the Summer of 2019
Produced and Engineered by Jason Gautney
Mixed and Mastered by Steve “Doc” Morris of Urbana Sound
All Songs Published by Mudd Flux – ASCAP
Photography by Jimmy Fuson of Fuson Photography, Crystal Socha, and Mike Scheufler
Mudd Flux Skull Design by Headsplit Designs in Paris, France

Mudd Flux are:
Becky Scheufler – Vocals | Jason Gautney – Guitar | Richard Young – Bass | Zachary Kuder – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | On Sliptrick








    Un debutto con i fiocchi consigliato a chi ama cimentarsi su generi divertenti ma allo stesso tempo suonati con tenacia e preparazione …read more

  2. monarchmagazine

    My favorite songs are from 2 to 5 and I am having a feeling that I’ve just listened to heavy, melodic metal/stoner album that doesn’t need anything else to actually sounds better …read more


    Que enorme surpres foram estes Mudd Flux! Principalmente por nos terem sido anunciados como metal pós moderno e doom progressivo, quando aquilo que encontramos é um hard’n’heavy bem poderoso e com uma abordagem bem moderna e sim, com uma tendência para alguns tempos mais lentos, mas se os Black Sabbath podem ser vistos como os pais do doom e heavy metal ao mesmo tempo, os Mudd Flux também se conseguem encaixar na mesma categoria …read more

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