The Grinder Vol 1


01. Blood Of Angels – Miscreant Deeds Of Loki
02. Carcinogen Daily – So I Can Breathe
03. Doan – Some Kind Of
04. Stays In Vegas – Lower I Go
05. The Blackcloud Syndicate – Head Full Of Hornets

Available for a limited time only!

5 tracks at 320 kbps. Download the package for free!


Metal Coffee – The Grinder Vol 1
The Grinder series is a collection of music from bands crossing all genres from bands on Metal Coffee Vol 1

Carcinogen Daily – sludge/doom from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Blood Of Angels – death metal from the swamps of Florida
Doan – eclectic rock band with female vocals from Canada
Stays In Vegas – down and dirty hard rock from Little Rock Arkansas
The Blackcloud Syndicate – blue collar Metal from Toronto, Canada

A little but of everything for everybody! The Grinder series will have 5 NEW bands each month DO NOT MISS OUT it is The Soundtrack to the Underground!!

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