Extreme Extinction


01. No Mercy (Intro) | 02. Extreme Extinction | 03. Refused Fate | 04. The Ancient Blade Of Suffering | 05. Nourished Pain | 06. Fed Up | 07. Ruthless Judgment | 08. Consumed By The Sin | 09. Disembowelment Form Impurity (feat. Luis Maggio)

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Italian brutal death metal group Mass Murder are ready with their second full-length release titled Extreme Extinction. The album was recorded by the band at War Studios, except the vocals, that have been recorded at Clab Studios by Angelo de Cosimo. In order to grant a high level sound quality, Mass Murder decided to invest a great deal in the mixing, working hard on it at the 16th Cellar Studios by Stefano Morabito.

Extreme Extinction includes 8 tracks, plus an intro which opens the door of the main concept, thought of as a sort of ritual that invites you to travel this “journey” together with the band. Most tracks last about 3 minutes, with an extreme sound and timing they tear into the total destruction. The final track also features the vocalist Luis Maggio (Bloodtruth, Sudden Death, …and more).

As can be seen from the artwork created by Pasquale Tomaiuolo from Warning Film, the main theme of the album is focused on “divine retribution”, where an alien higher power determines the fate of human beings judging them for their sins. Entering their minds, he is able to bring out the darkest and the most hidden sides of their consciences and forces human beings to wish for death by feeding on their fears and on their desperate pleas for mercy. However, this is only the beginning of a psychological torture which will lead to the extinction of mankind. A choice to purify planet Earth, where nowadays the measure of a man depends on his ego, thrashing him out from the excessive corruption and impurities which devour his integrity. All this is narrated in first person, describing the sinner and the pain he has to pay, altering the way of seeing things through the use of a matrix of cruelty and brutality, especially at a psychological level.

This concept will be the opening chapter to the main theme of Mass Murders next and third album which they already have planned for the future.

Extreme Extinction | Released April 7th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. No Mercy (Intro) | 02. Extreme Extinction | 03. Refused Fate | 04. The Ancient Blade Of Suffering | 05. Nourished Pain | 06. Fed Up | 07. Ruthless Judgment | 08. Consumed By The Sin | 09. Disembowelment Form Impurity (feat. Luis Maggio)

Mass Murder are:
Francesco Corcio – Guitars | Alessandro Sarni – Drum | Aurora Corcio – Bass | Aldo Gorgoglione – Vocals

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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Extreme Extinction


    If you’re after an old school Death Metal album then this one is very much for you …read more


    Per gli amanti del Brutal Death tout court, insomma, questa seconda fatica targata Mass Murder potrebbe facilmente divenire un’ottima aggiunta alla propria collezione, non essendoci in quest’opera un difetto che sia uno. Decisamente promossi …read more


    A decir verdad, destacaría la inmensa mayoría de las tonadas. He disfrutado muchísimo del disco en sí. Digo esto, porque me es imposible recalcar alguna en concreto. Álbum recomendado para aquellos que como yo amáis el «Metal Muerto Brutal» …read more


    Eternal Devastation! Se a qualcuno fosse mancata un po’ di vecchia scuola death, dai favolosi Massacre (ricitati volentieri) in poi, non lo perda assolutamente. Consigliato a: cultori del death metal old school, amanti dei Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse e della violenza in musica …read more


    Brani diretti, essenziali, devastanti e tecnicamente ineccepibili, sulla scia di Cannibal Corpse e Deicide, ma snelliti da ogni fronzolo ed orpello, guadagnandone in intensità …read more


    Sono solo 22 minuti, è vero, ma sfido chiunque di voi a percepire come corto o poco intenso questo album. In 22 minuti i Mass Murder polverizzano tutto e lasciano attorno a loro un cratere. Difficile per chiunque suoni death metal in Italia, e non solo, avvicinarsi a questo album! Spaventoso …read more


    Il disco conferma la già più che discreta impressione dataci con il debutto oggi rimarcata dal raggiungimento di un livello che, per chi ama sonorità estreme come queste, rappresenta una vera soddisfazione …read more


    The short length of both, its individual tracks and the record overall, contributes to the sense of urgency it conveys. MASS MURDER show a bit of that technical edge from classic Death Metal records, like “Human” by DEATH, on “Extreme Extinction.” Sarni gets to show-off through the whole album, his drumming is superb and one of the main highlights, especially his outstanding double kick work. The whole band excels on their own duties, but Francesco Corcio has to be recognized as he really knows his way around riff-building …read more


    MASS MURDER se pone un vestido antiguo, desflecado y hediondo, para hacer pie en la velocidad primero, en complejas técnicas después, y en negras ideas desde una garganta afectada para no dar respiro a lo largo de todo “Extreme Extinction”. Grandes bases que juegan con distorsión y angustia, dando ese calor tan imprescindible cuando uno busca refugio en el Brutal Death …read more

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