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01. Mine | 02. Heartless Disease | 03. 30 Silver Coins | 04. My Mask Collection | 05. What Leads Us To | 06. To Feed The Worms | 07. A Darker Shade Of Me | 08. Where Is The Light | 09. Timelines | 10. Daymare Town | 11. Sins And Virtues Ending

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The new album from North Italian melodic metal act Marble is called S.A.V.E.. It presents a irrepressible mix of heavy guitar riffs, powerful aggressiveness, amazing guitar solos, surprising keyboard harmonies and original technical rhythms, blended with Eleonora’s breath-taking, catchy melodies and epic choruses. S.A.V.E. will thrill fans of both melodic and extreme metal music. The album lyrics are focused on human behavior and entwined with the three theological virtues and the seven deadly sins in a gloomy and decadent mood.

S.A.V.E. was recorded by the groups bass player, Daniel Fleba, in his Marble Workshop, while the mix and mastering sessions were handled by Giulio Capone (Moonlight Haze). On the track 30 Silver Coins (about the virtues of “Hope”), there’s a guest appearance of growling vocals from Maurizio Caverzan, singer of death metal act In-Sight, while the track A Darker Shade Of Me (about the sin “Wrath”), has the melodies of a real string quartet, lead by “Maestra” Barbara Rubin and “Maestro” Francesco Bossoni.

Lastly, Marble’s album features astonishing artwork, representing the whole concept of the lyrics. The cover and booklet were made by the well known Finnish artist Jan “Örkki” Yrlund of Darkgrove Design.

S.A.V.E. | Released February 16th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Mine | 02. Heartless Disease | 03. 30 Silver Coins | 04. My Mask Collection | 05. What Leads Us To | 06. To Feed The Worms | 07. A Darker Shade Of Me | 08. Where Is The Light | 09. Timelines | 10. Daymare Town | 11. Sins And Virtues Ending

Marble are:
Eleonora Travaglino – Vocals | Paul Beretta – Lead Guitars | Omar Gornati – Guitars | Jacopo Marchesi – Keyboards | Norman Ceriotti – Drums | Daniel Fleba – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick








  1. rockarollazine

    “S.A.V.E” es un redondo interesante y heterogéneo, de pulida producción y sublime ejecución. Otro punto de inflexión en la carrera de Marble y en cuyos surcos los lombardos exploran variedad de estilos con el fin de forjarse una personalidad propia. ¡Buen trabajo y prometedor futuro de una banda que está a punto de cuajar su propuesta …read more

  2. metal.de

    MARBLE spielen versiert und sind um Abwechslung sehr bemüht, insbesondere wenn es harscher wird brechen die Italiener auch mal aus dem typischen Melodic Metal aus …read more

  3. italiadimetallo.it

    Dopo più di 10 anni e una line-up in parte rivoluzionata, i MARBLE pubblicano questo nuovo lavoro, S.A.V.E., per la Sliptrick Records, nel quale la band fonde l’irruenza del melodic death metal e certe atmosfere progressive con la voce sì melodica, ma chiara e potente della nuova singer Eleonora Travaglino …read more

  4. metal-line.cz

    „S.A.V.E.“ se elegantně přehupuje každou skladbu mezi jednotlivými styly, bez zakopnutí a s příjemnou noblesou, potěšující je absence jedné striktní šablony. I když album drží pevně pohromadě a může působit jednotvárně, je to jen počáteční zdání – mnohovrstevnatost skladeb co do riffů, nálady a navzájem se proplétajících melodických linek k tomuto pocitu svádí …read more

  5. theheadbangingmoose.com

    As we’re all sinners in the end, why not succumb to our deepest sins and desires to the sound of the Melodic Metal played by Marble? I’m sure the band would love to be part of the soundtrack to your most wicked and immoral moments …read more

  6. metalwave.it

    In sostanza, i Marble hanno fatto un lavoro pulito, con le sue peculiarità e personalità abbastanza chiare. Si sentono chiaramente le loro radici e chi li ha ispirati, tuttavia propongono una musica discretamente articolata e ragionata, non scritta in cinque minuti insomma …read more

  7. antichristmagazine.com

    It’s a very enjoyable and well-made album. I’ve already reviewed a few albums and said they were some pretty good heavy/power metal, but I think this one is a lot better …read more

  8. keep-on-rocking.com

    “S.A.V.E.” ist ein abwechslungsreiches Album. Melodische Songs, wechseln sich ab mit Progressiven. Dazu gibt es Ausflüge in den Extreme Metal-Bereich. Somit soll ein breites Publikum angesprochen werden. Ob aber die einzelnen Fan-Gruppen rundum zufriedengestellt werden, wage ich zu bezweifeln. Sicherlich erfreut sich der unvoreingenommene Hörer an der Vielfalt. Aber diese ist wohl Fluch und Segen zugleich. Hervorhebens wert ist auf jeden das Cover-Artwork von Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove Design), der hier wieder einmal ganze Arbeit geleistet hat …read more

  9. soundmagnet.eu

    Es macht definitiv Spaß das neue Marble Album zu hören. Die Italiener haben durchaus gutes Riffing und eine talentierte Sängerin. Kompetenzen, die die Produktion voll auslebt! Die 8 / 10 haben sie sich redlich verdient …read more

  10. heavymetalwebzine.it

    Sonorità accattivanti e moderne, che rivelano gusto compositivo e conoscenza del genere per una produzione potente e una pièce strumentale davvero rocciosa; perfetto il connubio con la voce in brani come ‘Heartless Disease’ (personalmente il mio preferito, nda.), caratterizzato da una certa variabilità ritmica e da linee vocali molto azzeccate …read more

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