01. Year Of The Rat | 02. Borrower | 03. The Coil | 04. Eye Above | 05. Diatribe

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The title Diatribe is based on the idea that the whole world is engaged in a Diatribe via the numerous forms of communication available to us today. Whether it’s your TV, your phone, or face to face with someone, there is a constant stream of information happening around the clock. The lyrical themes on the mini-album deal with communication on all levels and the different ways in which information is interpreted and acted upon by individuals and society as a whole.

Musically, the mini-album sees the Malum Sky sound continuing to evolve, retaining the melody and precision showcased on 2015’s self titled debut and combining it with something darker and heavier. The result is a sprawling juggernaut that shows the band’s creative energies flowing together to create something epic. With this the band are poised to take their unique brand of progressive metal to the next level. The music video for the track Borrower, released in October, is a perfect example of the passion, quality and craftsmanship that the band have put into this new body of work.

Diatribe | Released January 15th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. Year Of The Rat | 02. Borrower | 03. The Coil | 04. Eye Above | 05. Diatribe

All songs written by Malum Sky
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Michael Jensen Després (MJD Audio)
Mastered by Mike Kalajian
Artwork & Layout by Ben Honebone (Stone Letter Media)
Photography by Melanie Honebone (Stone Letter Media)

Malum Sky are:
Ben Honebone – Vocals | Michael Jensen Després – Guitar | Jon Evans – Guitar | Athanasios ‘Saki’ Patsiouras – Bass | Joe Wilkes – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | On Sliptrick







  1. ringmasterreviewintroduces

    Across every single second, Diatribe was a major treat and adventure impossible to get enough of. Already 2019 has offered some truly striking and thrilling releases; Malum Sky has added another and one surely thrusting the band to the fore of the UK metal scene …read more

  2. TheDirtyRoom

    The guitars never go off into the woods like so many of the newer prog/metal bands that seem to be a never-ending mash up of a death metal version of Dream Theater meets VanHalen. Instead they have carved out their own very interesting and distinctive path and sound that is 100% metal. Diatribe will make every fan of metal happy. There is plenty of thought provoking material while more than enough hard and heavy headbanging material as well. This is a must have for all …read more


    Add in a mini-concept lyrically surrounding the forms of communication we have at our disposal today and how this information is interpreted / acted upon by individuals as well as society as a whole, and you’ll understand we aren’t dealing with a dinosaur outlook at the genre. Malum Sky embrace modern technology without abusing it, as well as a proper respect and channeling of the past veterans that keeps Diatribe fresh and slightly innovative …read more

  4. justin hulford

    They make me think of a prog take on 30 Seconds To Mars, a lot of alt ideas floating around with some real prog in tow. Generally that is a hypnotic mix and the blemishes can be forgiven. The restraint on “The Coil” shows the level all this could be at …read more

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