Red Flag


01. Master & Mutt | 02. L.A.C.F.T.W. | 03. Honesty | 04. Red Flag | 05. Wintered Trees

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UK metal group Malicious Inc., come out all guns blazing on their debut EP, Red Flag, spitting out a relentless onslaught of crushing riffs, brutal breakdowns and screaming solos, topped off with dark and topical lyrical content attacking depravity, social degradation, mental health issues and every moral injustice committed daily, in what can only be described as a sickeningly relatable manner.

Most of the music for Red Flag was pre-written by Morgan Weeds with a few riffs added by the rhythm guitarist at time, Christian Elvins. Lyrics were then added by Kyle Mortiss. The tracks were recorded with Jeff Rose (Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Glamour Of The Kill, Wreckage Of Society, etc) at Unit 28 Studios, Newport and mastered by Martin Nichols (Bob Marley Tapes etc) at White House Studios, Weston-Super-Mare.

Lead Guitarist, Morgan Weeds explains the EP like this; “The objective was always about creating something real. This record is gonna do something to you in some way, whether you’re old enough, and sadly experienced enough to relate to it, or you’re young enough to have it as a very explicit life lesson. This record covers honesty, loyalty, self worth, rape, abuse and suicide. It’s a 20 minute crash course in how the world doesn’t owe you shit. We owe it to ourselves to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and if we all were, then I could happily and truthfully say that this record wouldn’t exist. And I could live with that… I think a lot of people could when you really listen to the lyrics.”

Song breakdown from lyricist and vocalist Kyle Mortiss
Master & Mutt: A simple straight forward track from the perspective of someone who gave all, to someone who just took. This song specifically is about a person, who was once dear and trusted, who at every turn would take and take whatever they could to benefit themselves, financial, physical, and mental all, and tarnish and slander those that actually helped him. The name for the track came about, the idea that a good dog, is just that. But when a mutt plays up and misbehaves, it’s master must discipline it.

L.A.C.F.T.W.: Echoing the opening track, this song is about taking all that is thrown your way. But unlike Bone & Mortar, this track is about being like a cliff. Mentally and physically, being of the perspective that whatever comes your way, you’ll logically and realistically be ground down, but you will never fall just because of the things that come. A song dedicated to the everlasting resolve of people who refuse to give up, and refuse to let any outside forces get the better of you.

Honesty: Just as it’s named, this song is to promote openness and clarity. This song is about promises to be better, and shining light on personal blemishes and negatives. It is also the “here’s my dirt, in the light, before I rip open what must be” in regards to the following track. A song to say, nothing is hidden to those who are willing to see, or opposite that, willing to give.

Red Flag: In Bristol there has been a small circle of bullies and predators preying on the submissive, weak, and reluctant for almost over a decade. There are those that pose the main threat and then there are those that add to their smokescreen defence, their friends and their lackeys, who keep up the pretenses that these people are good people. This song is effectively about shining a light on that whole situation, and more importantly calling those who have done wrong to trial. Inspired by the horrors that a close friend suffered at the hands of one of these people, this song is about making them, and at a larger scale people just like them, take note that they are known. That they can’t keep things hidden, and they won’t get away with it. The lyrics are pretty transparent, and to avoid the legal suit of slander no names are mentioned. But in regards to Red Flag, if you know the hints, you’ll know. For the broader perspective, this song is calling out all scum that hurt unjustly.

Wintered Trees: This track was written with the adapted poetic parts of my suicide letter I wrote as a late teen. Initially I wrote the letter, with no intention of acting upon it nor showing anyone any of what was written. But after many years following that, many I care about have come to me and disclosed things that always took me back to that letter. “I’ve been there, maybe I can help” was the reoccurring thought from the compared thoughts and feelings. So I dug it out, read it through, and applied it to a song. All in all my relationship with depression and the idea of death is an obscure one. Chemical imbalances, with best friends and family members who have successfully, and unsuccessfully attempted, and I’ve just been kinda sat on the outside looking in at others fall apart always saying “I will never do that.” I’ve had weeks, sometimes months, of never leaving bed because I’m in such a hole, but that’s the worst of it. This track is about looking beyond the want of death, beyond all the darkness, and the thick suffocating sludge of it, and seeing the beauty of simplicity. Trees, sun and moon glow, the totem animals I am personally called to. Even the dark can be a beautiful place if you look for the right things.

Red Flag | Released January 28th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Master & Mutt | 02. L.A.C.F.T.W. | 03. Honesty | 04. Red Flag | 05. Wintered Trees

Malicious Inc. are:
Kyle Mortiss – Vocals | Morgan Weeds – Lead Guitar | Kyle Zehtabi – Rhythm Guitar | Matthew Hulin – Bass Guitar | Luke Hill – Drums

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4 reviews for MALICIOUS INC.
Red Flag


    I will encourage everyone to brace themselves the second the hit the play button for the first track. Without any warning, the magnitude of the sound smashes against your ears. If you expected some kind of intro here, chances are this probably caught you off guard. From the first second, they show you what they’re about. Fierce, heavy, brutal, and that’s just the first song …read more


    Still waiting to shed the cocoon of major influences, Red Flag puts Malicious Inc. on a promising track as their groove/nu-metal style doesn’t have that ‘bandwagon hopping’ feel that would have been there two decades ago …read more


    MALICIOUS INC. sale con toda la actitud a ganar el partido con MASTER AND MUTT! un tema bien directo donde sobresale un riff sencillo pero muy interesante, montado sobre una batería que lleva el ritmo contundentemente para que la voz agresiva de Kyle Mortiss termine de cerrar la formula ganadora que se presenta en este disco. Es un comienzo redondisimo donde ya de entrada se ve una influencia de bandas como The Haunted y una esencia New metalera que siempre va rumbo a un objetivo clarísimo: ¡el de que sacudas tu cabeza! Sin muchas complicaciones, pero con composiciones bastante pensadas y bien ensambladas con una fuerza terrible …read more


    Overall, this is a debut that shows a lot of promise. I’d say this one is also great if you crave something dark and angsty, but more varied, because this EP has arguably all the best qualities of nu metal, that might make it easier to accept for most Antichrist readers: the experimentation with different genres, and the dark and tense mood. This is one band to watch out for …read more

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