Shadows Of A Dark Heart


01. Answer The Call | 02. Don’t Fear Defeat | 03. Looking Glass | 04. Without A Flame | 05. And So He’ll Fly | 06. Alive Once More | 07. Revenge | 08. Unknown

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Welcome to the world of Lipshok where magic is real, traveling to alternate dimensions is possible, the wind carries messages for the future, and mythical creatures roam the earth. This is their newest CD Shadows Of A Dark Heart in a nutshell. This music will take you away from reality and bring you a new reality. The songs are intense and compelling with rich stories and incredible harmonies and haunting melodies.

The music is gothic hard rock, symphonic metal, and alternative combined. You will be transported to another world listening to Looking Glass, an update on Alice and Wonderland, And So He’ll Fly the story of Icarus and his deadly mistake, Alive Once More the musings of a vampire, and Answer The Call a political take on people seeking help in a tough year. Along with those songs is Without A FlameRevengeUnknown and Don’t Fear Defeat continuing to tell the fables.

All the songs are written by vocalist/keyboardist Scarlett Dark. Along with Scarlett is Massimiliano Maggiari on guitar, Phil Jameson on bass and Joe Londeree on drums. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Brad Barth at Audio Voyage Studios in Livermore, CA, USA.

Shadows Of A Dark Heart | Digital Release on December 22nd, 2020 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Answer The Call | 02. Don’t Fear Defeat | 03. Looking Glass | 04. Without A Flame | 05. And So He’ll Fly | 06. Alive Once More | 07. Revenge | 08. Unknown

Shadows Of A Dark Heart are:
Scarlett Dark – Keyboards/Lead Vocals | Massimiliano Maggiari – Guitar | Phil Jameson – Bass | Joe Londeree – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick







    Embora sejam desconhecidos aqui na América do Sul e sejam relativamente do cenário Underground do berço do Thrash Metal, a conhecidíssima Bay Area de São Francisco/CA, a verdade é que existem ótimas bandas nos lugares menos esperados e no caso deste quarteto chamado Lipshok temos um nome muito bem centrado na sua proposta Symphonic Metal e Gothic Rock, que aconselho você conhecer e apreciar …read more

  2. rockarollazine

    Así el albúm “Shadows of a Dark Heart” es un sólido álbum en una sola línea y estilo Melodic Goth Rock, con un estilo clásico sin caer en las modernidades un poco más electrónicas o frías, un buen albúm para aquellos amantes del Rock Goth …read more


    Levyn kappalemateriaali ei ole välittömästi silmille räiskyvää ilotulitusta, vaan enemmän tutustumista vaativaa ja tietyn mielialan tunnelmointia. Kappaleissa on muutamia hyviä melodiakoukkuja ja erityisesti kitaristi Massimiliano Maggiari tuo sooloillaan biiseihin hienoja tarttumakohtia …read more

  4. vianocturna2000

    Melhores canções, evoluções mais desenvolvidas e trabalhadas, instrumentação mais enriquecida, melhores ganchos. Melodicamente chega a ser enfeitiçador; em termos de teatralidade explora de forma intensa todas as suas vertentes; harmonicamente é tocante. E conta histórias! E que bela forma de contar histórias, com canções evoluídas, maduras, com belos arranjos, empenho e dedicação que levam o ouvinte a viajar por entre essas mesmas histórias …read more


    In definitiva “Shadows Of A Dark Heart” è un disco non banale, con qualche difetto, ma con tanta carne al fuoco: lo consiglio agli amanti del gothic rock particolare ed intenso e a chi cerca del metal sinfonico tutt’altro che prevedibile …read more


    You’ll blink as if blinded by a piece of dust when you read that Lipshok are a band from the USA. This group could not be more European in their aesthetic and sound if they tried, and that’s no slight on their art. The music on Shadows of a Dark Heart is a magical concoction of imaginative rock music fused with metal and gothic elements. Put your hands on your headphones and squeeze them against your temple and you might just find Narnia with a bit of effort …read more


    Ist das Gothic Rock oder Symphonic Metal, wie es im Pressetext steht? Für mich ist das ganz klar melodischer Rock, bei dem einige symphonische Anleihen verarbeitet wurden. Bei den Kompositionen zeigt sich, dass die Musiker langjährige Erfahrung haben. Und als Geschichtenerzähler erinnern sie mich ein wenig an die Briten von Magnum, allerdings nicht ganz so rockig. Ein gelungenes Album, das man sich in Ruhe anhören sollte. Dabei kann man jede Menge musikalische Feinheiten entdecken …read more


    The songs are very well written, heartfelt and haunting with an airy and mystical feel to them and the band adapts their delivery perfectly so that they can be either minimalist with simple and beautiful piano refrains or can adopt a full on, heavy metal approach to convey the storyline …read more

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