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Stories Of Times Forgotten


01. Into The Storm | 02. Yggdrasil | 03. Fireborn | 04. Moonblade | 05. Times Forgotten

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Swedish power metal group Krilloan are back with the re-release of their dynamic EP Stories Of Times Forgotten, now available worldwide via Sliptrick Recoprds. The songs on Stories Of Times Forgotten are fast, based on fast riffing, thundering drums and crowned by the epic vocals of Alex VanTrue. The EP includes five tracks that sum up the whole idea behind Krilloan, fast, hard and melodic power metal played at lightning speed. The songs make you want to pump your fist in the air and scream. The music is created and played out with a long and never-ending love of the genre whilst still retaining a fresh, vibrant and engaging sound.

Krilloan joined forces with Stormwarrior mainman Lars Ramcke and Piet Sielck of Iron Savior who agreed to mix and master the EP. Production was taken care of by mainman Klas Holmgren. If you are into the early Blind Guardian and Helloween records, Krilloan have got you covered and could well be the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to the power metal scene of today.

Stories Of Times Forgotten | Released May 3rd, 2022 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. Into The Storm | 02. Yggdrasil | 03. Fireborn | 04. Moonblade | 05. Times Forgotten

Produced by – Klas Holmgren, Greyskull Studio
Mixing by – Lars Ramcke, Thunderhall Studio
Mastering by – PIet Sielck, Powerhouse Studio

Backing Vocals – Jack Reyonalds & Tom O´Dell (Battle Born), Fireborn
Backing Vocals – Matt Corry (Fellowship) Into The Storm
Backing Vocals – Ferran Blazeborn (Theragon) Into The Storm

Krilloan are:
Klas Holmgren – Guitars | Steve Brockmann – Lead Guitars | Alex VanTrue – Vocals | Marco Toba – Bass | David Lanas – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







  1. velvetthunder.co.uk

    The music is fast and frenetic with the pace never lessening throughout making this a short but very sweet and blistering metal frenzy …read more

  2. keep-on-rocking.com

    So könnte das stundenlang weitergehen. Krilloan sind für mich eine beeindruckende Neuentdeckung. So eine Power, so eine kompromisslose Härte und Geschwindigkeit, so eine Spielfreude gibt es nicht oft. Die Rhythmus-Abteilung sorgt für eine schweißtreibende Atmosphäre. Gekrönt wird das Ganze durch die herausragende gesangliche Leistung von Alex VanTrue …read more

  3. crossfire-metal.de

    With their debut EP “Stories Of Times Forgotton”, the Swedish newcomers Krilloan are preparing to stir up the symphonic power metal scene. The foundation was laid by the composer and guitarist Klas Holmgren, who started with a solo project and now serves us five brilliant tracks with the Portuguese singer Alex VanTrue, the other guitarist Steve Brockmann, the bassist Marco Ignacio Toba and Felldrescher David Lanas …read more

  4. hellfire-magazin.de

    Auch wenn das Ganze unter dem Banner Power Metal läuft, hätte man es genauso gut Speed Metal nennen können, denn vier der fünf Tracks ballern mit Doublebass Dauerfeuer und Hochgeschwindigkeitsriffs aus den Boxen, dass die britischen Kollegen von Dragonforce glatt neidisch werden könnten …read more

  5. themedianman.com

    “Into The Storm,” thunders into being, mixing together potent harmonies and a solid one-two of time to get the listener amped up and desiring more. A great introduction to the E.P.

    “Yggdrasil,” thunders through. A song that storms the banners and brings together the line-wired of time and space, completing the turn of tide-changing power.

    “Fireborn,” rattles and rolls through, slowly leveraging chaos to bring together something impressive and intriguing. A song that darts through and delivers the goods.

    “Moonblade,” slowly creeps into being, a song that haunts the passageways of all time.

    “Times Forgotten,” moves hard and fast. A song that truly captures the imagination …read more

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