The Faustian Delusion


01. Intro | 02. At Your Peril | 03. Eritis Sicut Deus | 04. Raped By Ghosts | 05. Colder

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Kill All The Gentlemen are a melodic death/thrash metal band from the UK formed in 2012 and have just released their second E.P. The Faustian Delusion.

A chilling thirty second intro sets a haunting, almost spooky atmosphere that leaves you wondering “have Kill All The Gentleman gone soft?”. Not a chance …’At Your Peril’ opens with a bang and a blood curdling scream with guitars furiously riffing and a brutal rhythm that smacks you squarely in the forehead. The throaty, rasping, harsh vocal delivery defies the natural singing voice, yet unlike some death metal vocals, you can actually here the lyrics. ‘Eritis Sicut Deus’ picks up the intensity and is so hard hitting it pummels the senses with sheer brutality. The vocals growl more, the riffing is rapid fire and the drumming is relentless. As ‘Eritis Sicut Deus’ passes the halfway mark there is a dramatic slow down of pace and intensity with what could be described as “normal” heavy metal guitaring and a less growled vocal delivery. A bold move, but one that definitely works.

A much slower, more ballad like intro …wait, did I just say ballad? Yes, for the first minute of ‘Raped By Ghosts’ there is a slow build up to a crescendo and then a frenetic change of style and pace and the heavy thrash metal speed cacophony is resumed. Swinging from high speed high intensity brutal thrash to a more mid tempo raging romp, ‘Raped By Ghosts’ is an amazing display of versatility and when it goes into overdrive at four minutes your head will be banging so hard that it may just fall off. ‘Raped By Ghosts’ continues to deliver more surprises as it winds its way to a breath taking climax. A child speaking intro is chillingly frightening at the beginning of the final song ‘Colder’ which flies out of the blocks at break neck speed and will most likely start a wall of death in the mosh pit. Furious and fierce are the guitars, the vocals are venomous and wide ranging and ‘Colder’ will leave you anything but cold…you will be out of breath with a sore neck and heading to the nearest A&E for a neck brace.

Overall, furiously ferocious high intensity thrash metal with harsh growled vocals, this E.P. also delivers a few surprises …give it a spin and discover them all.

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Ashes Of The Declined | Released January 14th, 2016 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Intro | 02. At Your Peril | 03. Eritis Sicut Deus | 04. Raped By Ghosts | 05. Colder

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