Exuvian Heraldry


Track Listing:
01. Abadonnas Intåg | 02. Thy Fortress Of Regrets | 03. Svaneti | 04. De Cinere | 05. Schaktet | 06. Damnatio Memoriae | 07. Awakening of the Converted

Download: 7 MP3 tracks at 320 kbps


Katharos present symphonic black/death metal from Sweden in the vein of Emperor, Dimmu Borgir and Death. Katharos’ debut album Exuvian Heraldry, brings together the Scandinavian black/death-sound with epic symphonic arrangements and a complexity that rewards multiple listens. Heavy guitar riffs are accompanied with battle drums and carried along by majestic choirs and synths with lyrical themes bridging philosophy and religion.

With the 2006 demo De Cinere being well received with both critics and fans of the genre, the album Exuvian Heraldry was actually recorded during 2008. Unfortunately, by the time the recording was completed, the band was put on long-term hold finally re-emerging in late 2016. As the band sorted out the new line-up, the album was finally mixed, mastered and readied for release in March 2017.

The current line-up is made up by the only original member; Christofer Sköld (Mortifera, ex–Opacity) on synths and sampling, Daniel Bornstrand (ex–Death Tyrant) on guitars, vocals and drums, Frank Guldstrand (Negative Self, ex–Undergång) on bass guitar and Christian Jönsson Baad (Avslut, ex–Opacity) on lead vocals. This configuration of Katharos is well underway writing new songs for a sequel.

Exuvian Heraldry was recorded, mixed and mastered in OAL Studio AB by Frank Guldstrand. The artwork was created by the Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano Rosado.

Exuvian Heraldry | Released March 1st, 2017 on Sliptrick Records.
Note: This release will be available in an exclusive vinyl version and for digital download (not CD).

Track Listing:
01. Abadonnas Intåg | 02. Thy Fortress Of Regrets | 03. Svaneti | 04. De Cinere | 05. Schaktet | 06. Damnatio Memoriae | 07. Awakening of the Converted

Katharos are:
Christofer Sköld – Keyboards/Sampling | Daniel Bornstrand – Guitar/Vocals/Drums | Max Müssbichler – Guitar | Frank Guldstrand – Bass | Christian Jönsson – Vocals

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  1. metal-temple.com

    The magnitude of their vehemence will absolutely shred you, but the sophistication of their craft will electrify and inspire you. I’ve heard a lot of Black Metal in recent years, and the genre is expanding greatly. Here is one band on the rise for sure, and a real force to be reckoned with. So far, “Exuvian Heraldry” is the best Black Metal album I have heard this year …read more

  2. midlandsmetalheads.com

    Having at first been rather hesitant about this black metal mayhem, I can say with confidence that “Exuvian Heraldry” is a strong debut album for Katharos. They have set a solid foundation to build and improve upon for future releases, which I will almost certainly be checking out …read more

  3. archaictriad

    Just in case Archaic Triad’s point of view was not made clear: Exuvian Heraldry is a solid album, which deserves a solid thumbs up.

  4. antichristmagazine.com

    This high-skilled Swedish horde brings together the Scandinavian Black and Death Metal sounding with epic symphonic arrangements, heavy guitar riffs, battle drums and majestic choirs, all embraced by a somber atmosphere that will penetrate your soul and darken your heart …read more

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