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01. Mad Trance | 02. Starved By Guilt | 03. Asylum | 04. Unleash The Pigs | 05. Nullified | 06. Fish Creek Frenzy | 07. Dystopia | 08. The Scratches On The Wall | 09. Contagion | 10. Evil Insanity

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Insanitorium is the debut album of female fronted melodic thrash metal band Hyperia. It contains 10 tracks of wailing and harsh vocals, melodic guitars, intricate bass lines and hard hitting drums. These 10 songs deliver a complex mixture of genres from Thrash Metal, to Power Metal and Death Metal. Drawing influences from many different musical artists, Hyperia strives to stand out among other bands and include a fair bit of variety from song to song.

The lyrical themes of Insanitorium are based around the theme of being stuck in an insane asylum for committing evil crimes and having no way out. It deals with the idea of being stuck inside your head and the solitary state of living in asylum.

The album was mixed by Colin Ryley at Singularity Sound Studios and mastered at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland by world-renowned mastering engineer Mika Jussila, known for his work with bands such as Finntroll, Children of Bodom, Ensiferum etc. The album artwork was painted by world famous Thrash Metal artist Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust, etc).

Insanitorium | Released January 14th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Mad Trance | 02. Starved By Guilt | 03. Asylum | 04. Unleash The Pigs | 05. Nullified | 06. Fish Creek Frenzy | 07. Dystopia | 08. The Scratches On The Wall | 09. Contagion | 10. Evil Insanity

Hyperia are:
Marlee Ryley – Vocals | Colin Ryley – Lead Guitar/Vocals | David Kupisz – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals | Scott DeGruyter – Bass/Vocals | Jordan Maguire – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick








  1. apocalypselatermusic.com

    The intensity speaks to me so much that this is a gimme for an 8/10. If this had been released in 1987, I wouldn’t have kept it far from my turntable. Writing in 2021, the only comment I can throw out that’s even remotely close to a negative is that I’d have appreciated more genre hopping in the music. It’s in the vocals throughout and it’s there at points in the music as well, like a section of folky jauntiness in Unleash the Pigs, but there’s infinitely more thrash and speed than death and it seems like that could have crept in a little more, as could the lively folk metal. But hey, I ain’t complainin’! I’m diving right back in again. See you in 42 minutes …read more

  2. odymetal

    Une bonne découverte, à consommer sans modération, qui donne envie de les voir en concert et de découvrir un futur album qu’il ne faudra louper sous aucun prétexte. C’est puissant, vocalement et musicalement et sans aucun répit …read more

  3. ironbackstage

    I recommend “Insanitorium” for all thrash metal maniacs worldwide and I wish to listen to more stuff from Hyperia in the future and see them on stage here in Germany! Just awesome thrash metal album, also check this nice cover-art made by Andrei Bouzikov, I like this way because it’s a bit close to Repka’s style …read more

  4. soilchronicles.fr

    Pour un premier album, Hyperia monte la barre très haut : l’album est passionnant de bout en bout et on a envie d’y retourner une fois les derniers riffs d’”Evil insanity” terminés. Quelle furie …read more

  5. thoseonceloyal

    ‘Insanitorium’ is a fanthrashtic debut, and every song immediately feels like a cause of mass moshing. Vintage thrash records are right up my alley, and this is pure worship of the likes of Sacred Reich and Overkill. Absolutely awesome stuff, and its great to hear that in 2020 that this kind of album still rips …read more

  6. coreandco.fr

    Aux côtés d’autres titres tout aussi enthousiasmants tels que « Fish Creek Frenzy », très Megadeth dans l’âme, « Dystopia » flirtant gentiment entre thrash et black ou encore « Contagion » (période de confinement oblige hein) et ses passages grognés à l’efficacité imparables et une gratte qui doit tout à Iron Maiden …read more

  7. metal-temple.com

    I think this is where the band shines the most, in their ability to provide a truly melodic and brutal sound. “Contagion” brings in that more old school sound that exists throughout the album, but the brutality couples with it to keep you headbanging. That perfect balance of old and new styles creating a wall of powerful heavy metal sound. “Insanitorium” is a monster of a thrash album. HYPERIA’s incorporation of melodic death metal and power metal creates an unrelenting sound. The perfect yin-yang of melody and brutality makes for an album that you can’t put down. I found myself playing these tracks repeatedly. Bang your heads to this one …read more

  8. hagamosruidosomosrockoficial.com

    El final con EVIL INSANITY parecería una mezcla vieja/ nueva escuela donde estos thrashers juegan con las tonalidades y plasman otro estribillo redondo para corear con puños en alto como punto a destacar, pero siguiendo el mismo guión thrash/death que marca el estilo de este Insanitarium trabajado de manera impecable y con una frescura totalmente renovadora …read more

  9. musika.be

    Als je dan nog tien tracks van hoogstaande kwaliteit aflevert is een eerste stap al meteen gezet en geslaagd. Als de live shows van dit vijftal even energiek en gedreven klinken als wat ik hier op dit schijfje hoor, mag de band al beginnen dromen. Ik kijk in ieder geval uit naar een show van Hyperia bij mij in de buurt, want met zo’n flitsend en energiek debuut in handen moet dit ongetwijfeld vonken opleveren. ‘Insanitorium’ van Hyperia verdient dan ook een plaats in zowat elke metal collectie. Mijn zegen heeft het vijftal in ieder geval …read more

  10. scumfeastzineblog

    Yes I love the vocals but these guitarists Colin Ryley and David Kupisz, who also add backing vocals, are fuckin amazing. Whoever produced this fucker captured this band’s essence perfectly. CANADA has just lost a legend which is sad because I loved that band growing up. HYPERIA is part of that great nation’s new legacy of greatness …read more

  11. dailymetal.com.ua

    Thrash metal групп с женским вокалом не очень много – как-то так исторически сложилось, что девочки идут в какой-нибудь Symphonic Metal или экстремальные стили, а Thrash почему-то обходят стороной. Hyperia из канадского города Calgary, выпустившая дебютный LP ‘Insanitorium’ – именно такое, редкое исключение: female fronted Thrash Metal …read more

  12. lackoflies.com

    Ausfälle hat die brutal geile Thrash-Scheibe, die ihre enorme Spielfreude, Know-how und bockstarken Arrangements lebt wie atmet definitiv keine zu vermelden! Also, check das Teil aus…oder heult später!!! …read more

  13. deadrhetoric.com

    Insanitorium will get the blood flow going and cause massive pit eruption when Hyperia tear up the stage – and that’s what the best thrash of any kind should achieve. Keeping their eyes on the prize with creative flourishes in a brief two-year window since forming, the future looks very bright for these Canadians as more people flock to the band’s addictive, pounding style …read more

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